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1807 Commemorated

The 1807 Commemorated website is a collaboration between the IHR and the Institute for the Public Understanding of the Past, at the University of York

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Analytical Access to the Domain Dark Archive (AADDA)

AADDA is an 18-month project to enhance the sustainability of a substantial dark archive of UK domain websites collected between 1996 and 2010 by the Internet Archive, copies of which were recently acquired by the JISC and are stored at the British Library on their behalf.


Collaborative online editing of historical texts

This one-year pilot project seeks to address two key challenges: what form should the editing of historical texts take in the digital sphere; and how can online tools and collaborative workspaces successfully be built into the academic research process?

Gorden Riots, 1780

English Historical Documents

English Historical Documents, edited by David C. Douglas, is the most comprehensive annotated collection of documents on British history ever compiled, covering the years 500 to 1914, all selected by leading historians. Over the years it has become an indispensable resource for generations of students, researchers and lecturers.
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Histore stands for Historians' Online Research Environments. This project aims to encourage historians to make greater use of online research tools and to empower them to request appropriate tools for their institutions' own Virtual Research Environments (VREs).

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History DMT Project

History DMT (Data Management Training and Guidance) seeks to integrate best practice, good principles, and skills of research data management within the postgraduate curriculum and among early career historians through a series of specialist workshops at London, Hull, and Sheffield and through the development of a free online training course dedicated to the research data types that historians are most likely to come across in their research.

History in education project website

History in Education

The History in Education website was created to enable all those interested in history in schools to access the materials generated by the History in Education project.

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History in Focus

History in Focus provides history resources for learning and teaching arranged around themes of particular interest. The resources are free, and include original articles, book reviews, web links and bibliographies.

Subjects covered by History in Focus are listed below.

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Impact and Embedding - British History Online as a Case Study

JISC is funding British History Online to investigate the use of digital online resources in Higher Education, with a particular focus on British History Online itself. The funding comes from JISC's 'Impact and Embedding' programme.

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InScribe: an online course on Palaeography and Manuscript Studies

InScribe is an online course on Palaeography and Manuscript Studies developed across the School of Advanced Study (including IHR and IES). Its aim is to support the teaching of Palaeography and related studies at a postgraduate level.