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Last updated: 17 November, 2006

The category includes religious houses, government departments and unnamed officials, urban communities and officials, and other unnamed groups of people. For named bishops and heads of religious houses, and for the aristocracy, see the Index of Persons. References to named bishops and heads of religious houses are repeated in this Index of Institutions, which also includes references to such individuals who are not named.

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Abbotsbury (Dorset), A or A and C of, ABBOTSBURY (Dorset), BRIDPORT (Dorset), HILTON (Dorset)
Aberystwyth (Wales), burgesses of, ABERYSTWYTH (Wales)
Abingdon (Berks.), A, ch, C or M of, ABINGDON (Berks.), SHELLINGFORD (Berks.), WALLINGFORD (Berks.), WANTAGE (Berks.)
Acre, see West Acre
Agardsley (Staffs.), burgesses of, NEWBOROUGH (Staffs.)
Alcester (Warws.), burgesses, tenants or town of, ALCESTER (Warws.)
Alnwick (Northumb.), burgesses of, ALNWICK (Northumb.)
Alstonfield (Staffs), lord of manor of, LONGNOR (Staffs.)
Amesbury (Wilts.), abbey, Ps and/or N of, AMESBURY (Wilts.), CORSHAM (Wilts.), MELKSHAM (Wilts.)
Andover (Hants.), burgesses or men of, ANDOVER (Hants.), NEWBURY (Berks.)
Arundel (Sussex), corporation of, ARUNDEL (Sussex)
Athelney (Somers.), abbey, or P and C of, LONG SUTTON (Somers.), LYNG (Somers.)
Aynho (Nhants.), brothers of the hospital of St James of, AYNHO (Nhants.)

Baldock (Herts), leprous brothers of St Mary Magdalene of, BALDOCK (Herts.)
Bamburgh (Northumb.), burgesses of, BAMBURGH (Northumb.)
Bampton (Devon), rector of the ch of, BAMPTON (Devon)
Bangor (Wales),
~, bp of, BANGOR (Wales)
~, burgesses of, BANGOR (Wales)
Bardney (Lincs.), A, or A and C of, BARDNEY (Lincs.), EDLINGTON (Lincs.)
Barking (Essex), As, or As and N of, BARKING (Essex), SALCOTT (Essex)
Barlinch (Somers.), P and the C of St Nicholas, BURY (Somers.)
Barling (Essex), men of the ch of St Paul in London at, ROCHFORD (Essex)
Barlings (Barlinges) (Lincs.), A and C of, LANGWORTH (Lincs.)
Barnstaple (Devon), burgesses of, BARNSTAPLE (Devon)
Barnwell (Cambs.), ch of St Giles, P and Ca of, CAMBRIDGE (Cambs.)
Basingstoke (Hants.), men of, BASINGSTOKE (Hants.)
Bas(s)ingwerk (Wales), A, C or M of, CHARLESWORTH (Derbys.), GLOSSOP (Derbys.), HOLYWELLTREFFYNNON (Wales)
Bath (Somers.), abbey of St Peter, ch, or P and C of, BARTON STREET (Somers.), BATH (Somers.), LYNCOMBE (Somers.)
Bath and Wells, bp of, AXBRIDGE (Somers.), BATH (Somers.), BIDFORD (Warws), BISHOPS LYDEARD (Somers.), BOREHAM (Essex), BRADFORD (Yorks.), CHARD (Somers.), DOGMERSFIELD (Hants.), HOLDGATE (Shropshire), NANTWICH (Cheshire), PUCKLECHURCH (Glos.), RACKLEY (Somers.), WELLS (Somers.), WIVELISCOMBE (Somers.). See also Wells; Introduction: Appendix II
Battle (Sussex), abbey (ch of St Martin), A, C or M of, BATTLE (Sussex), CHALLOCK (Kent), HASTINGS (Sussex), HAWKHURST (Kent), WYE (Kent), WYE (Kent)
Bayham (Begeham) (Sussex), A, or A and C of, OTHAM COURT (Sussex), ROCKLAND (Sussex)
Beaudeley, see Bewdley
Beaulieu (Bellus Locus) (Hants.), A, C, P, or M of, BEADLOW (Beds.), FARINGDON (Berks.), WANTAGE (Berks.)
Bec-Hellouin (Bec) (Normandy), A and C or M of, ATHERSTONE (Warws.), SWYNCOMBE (Oxon.), WILSFORD (Lincs.)
Bedfordshire, sh and/or barons of, AMPTHILL (Beds.), BERKHAMSTED (Herts.), BIGGLESWADE (Beds.), CAMPTON (Beds.), ELSTOW (Beds.), SHEFFORD (Beds.)
Bedwyn (Wilts.), burgesses of, GREAT BEDWYN (Wilts.)
Begeham, see Bayham
Bellus Locus, see Beaulieu
Belton (Leics.), Ps and C of Grace Dieu, BELTON (Leics.)
Belvoir (Leics.), priory of St Mary of Belvoir and St Alban, BELVOIR (Leics.)
Berden (Essex),
~, hospital of, brothers of, BERDEN (Essex)
~, P or P and C of, BERDEN (Essex)
Bere (Dorset), men of, BERE REGIS (Dorset)
~, men of, THATCHAM (Berks.)
~, sh of, ABINGDON (Berks.), BAULKING (Berks.), FARINGDON (Berks.), LAMBOURN (Berks.), MARLBOROUGH (Wilts.), NEWBURY (Berks.), READING (Berks.), SHELLINGFORD (Berks.), SPEEN (Berks.), STANFORD IN THE VALE (Berks.), THATCHAM (Berks.), WALLINGFORD (Berks.), WANTAGE (Berks.), WARGRAVE (Berks.), WINDSOR (Berks.), WOKINGHAM (Berks.)
Bermondsey (Surrey), P and C of, CHARLTON (Kent)
Berwick upon Tweed (Northumb.), burgesses of, BERWICK UPON TWEED (Northumb.)
Beverley (Yorks.),
~, ch, provost and chapter of St John of, LEVEN (Yorks.), SIGGLESTHORNE (Yorks.)
~, men of, BEVERLEY (Yorks.)
Bewdley (Beaudeley) (Worcs.), bailiffs and burgesses of, BEWDLEY (Worcs.)
Biddlesden (Bucks.), A and C of, BIDDLESDEN (Bucks.)
Billeswick (Bileswik) (Somers.), master of the house of St Mark [St Mark's Hospital, Billeswick, Bristol], PAWLETT (Somers.)
Bindon (Binedon) (Dorset), A and C of, WOOL (Dorset)
Binham (Norfolk), St Mary's or P of, BINHAM (Norfolk), WIGHTON (Norfolk)
Blackborough (Norfolk), Ps and N of, BLACKBOROUGH (Norfolk)
Blackmore (Essex), P and Ca of, BLACKMORE (Essex)
Blancmoster, see Oswestry
Blyth (Notts.), priory of St Mary, P or M of, BLYTH (Notts.)
Bodmin (Cornwall), ch of St Petroc or P of, BODMIN (Cornwall)
Bolton (Northumb.), hospital of St Thomas the Martyr in, BOLTON (Northumb.)
Bolton in Craven (Yorks), P and/or C of, APPLETREEWICK (Yorks.), EMBSAY (Yorks.)
Bow (Devon), burgesses of, BOW (Devon)
Boxgrove (Sussex), P of, BOXGROVE (Sussex)
Boxley (Kent), abbey of, HOO ST WERBURGH (Kent)
Bradenstoke (Wilts.), P, C or Ca of, BRADENSTOKE (Wilts.), BRISTOL (Glos.), WILCOT (Wilts.)
Bramber (Sussex), college at, STEYNING (Sussex)
Brecon (Wales), burgesses of, BRECON/ABERHONDDU (Wales)
Breedon (Leics.), priory at, NOSTELL (Yorks.)
Bridgnorth (Shropshire), burgesses or men of, BRIDGNORTH (Shropshire)
Bridgwater (Somers.),
~, lords of, BRIDGWATER (Somers.)
~, mayor, bailiffs and burgesses of, BRIDGWATER (Somers.)
Bridlington (Yorks.), ch of St Mary, P, C or Ca of, BRIDLINGTON (Yorks.)
Bridport (Dorset), burgesses of, ABBOTSBURY (Dorset), BRIDPORT (Dorset), CHARMINSTER (Dorset)
Brigstock (Nhants.), king's tenants of, BRIGSTOCK (Nhants.)
Brill (Bucks.), lord of, BRILL (Bucks.)
Bristol (Glos.); see also Billeswick
~, A and C of St Augustine's abbey, ALMONDSBURY (Glos.)
~, ch of St James [St James priory], BRISTOL (Glos.)
~, constable of, REDCLIFF (Somers.)
~, mayor, commonalty or burgesses of, BRISTOL (Glos.), MARSHFIELD (Glos.)
Bromehill (Norfolk), P of, BROMEHILL PRIORY (Norfolk)
Bromsgrove (Worcs.), men of, BROMSGROVE (Worcs.)
Brookland (Kent), men of, LYDD (Kent)
Broomholm (Norfolk), P and/or M of St Andrew, BROOMHOLM (Norfolk)
Brough (Westmorland), men of, BROUGH (Westmorland)
Buckfast (Devon), A or A and C of, BUCKFASTLEIGH (Devon), KINGSBRIDGE (Devon), SOUTH BRENT (Devon)
Buckinghamshire, sh of, BERKHAMSTED (Herts.), CHALFONT ST PETER (Bucks.), DENHAM (Bucks.), HIGH WYCOMBE (Bucks.), IVINGHOE (Bucks.), LITTLE BRICKHILL (Bucks.), MURSLEY (Bucks.), TODDINGTON (Beds.), WENDOVER (Bucks.), WING (Bucks.), WINSLOW (Bucks.)
Buckland (Devon), A and C of, BUCKLAND MONACHORUM (Devon), CULLOMPTON (Devon)
Buntingford (Herts.), lords and tenants of, BUNTINGFORD (Herts.)
Burkskeu, see Burscough
Burnham (Bucks.), abbey, As, C or N of, BEACONSFIELD (Bucks.), BURNHAM (Bucks.)
Burscough (Burskeu) (Lancs.), P and C of, ORMSKIRK (Lancs.)
Burton (upon Trent) (Staffs.), A, C or M of St Mary and St Modwenna, ABBOTS BROMLEY (Staffs.), BURTON ON TRENT (Staffs.)
Burton in Kendal (Westmorland),
~, inhabitants of, BURTON-IN-KENDAL (Westmorland)
~, rector of, BURTON-IN-KENDAL (Westmorland)
~, vicar and ch of, BURTON-IN-KENDAL (Westmorland)
Bury St Edmunds (Suffolk),
~, abbey ch, A, C or M of, BARROW (Suffolk), BECCLES (Suffolk), BOTESDALE (Suffolk), BROOKE (Norfolk), BURY ST EDMUNDS (Suffolk), CLARE (Suffolk), FRECKENHAM (Suffolk), HARLOW (Essex), LAKENHEATH (Suffolk), LONG MELFORD (Suffolk), MILDENHALL (Suffolk), REDGRAVE (Suffolk), SOUTHWOLD (Suffolk)
~, hospital of St Nicholas outside St Edmunds, Master or P of, BURY ST EDMUNDS (Suffolk)

Caen (Normandy), abbey, As and N of Holy Trinity, FELSTED (Essex), MINCHINHAMPTON (Glos.)
Caistor (Lincs.), men of, CAISTOR (Lincs.)
Calne (Wilts), lord of manor of, CALNE (Wilts.)
~, prebend of, CALNE (Wilts.)
Cambeke, see Kirkcambeck
Cambridge (Cambs.),
~, burgesses or town of, jurors of, CAMBRIDGE (Cambs.), REACH (Cambs.)
~, Jesus College, CAMBRIDGE (Cambs.)
~, King's college of SS Mary and Nicholas, provost and scholars of (impropriators of the parish ch of Prescot), PRESCOT (Lancs.)
~, St Mary Magdalen leper hospital of, CAMBRIDGE (Cambs.)
~, SS Mary and Radegund, Ps and N of, CAMBRIDGE (Cambs.)
~, University of, GREAT BRICETT (Suffolk)
Cambridgeshire, sh of, BALSHAM (Cambs.), CAMBRIDGE (Cambs.), CHIPPENHAM (Cambs.), FORDHAM (Cambs.), LINTON (Cambs.)
Canonsleigh (Leye) (Devon), priory, As, Ps or Canonesses of, CANONSLEIGH (Devon), MANNINGTREE (Essex), THORNE ST MARGARET (Somers.)
Canterbury (Kent),
~, archbp of Canterbury, BEXLEY (Kent), BRADFORD (Yorks.), CHARING (Kent), CLIFFE HILL (Sussex), COOKHAM (Berks.), CRANBROOK (Kent), CRAYFORD (Kent), CROYDON (Surrey), DARENTH (Kent), EAST LAVANT (Sussex), FRAMFIELD (Sussex), GILLINGHAM (Kent), HARROW (Middx.), HERNE (Kent), HORSHAM (Sussex), LAMBERHURST (Kent), LAMBETH (Surrey), LOUTH (Lincs.), LYDD (Kent), MAIDSTONE (Kent), MAYFIELD (Sussex), NORTHFLEET (Kent), PAGHAM (Sussex), PINNER (Middx.), RECULVER (Kent), RINGMER (Sussex), SEVENOAKS (Kent), SLINDON (Sussex), SMARDEN (Kent), SMEETH (Kent), ST NICHOLAS AT WADE (Kent), TANGMERE (Sussex), TEYNHAM (Kent), UCKFIELD (Sussex), WADHURST (Sussex), WEST TARRING (Sussex), WROTHAM (Kent)
~, ~, bailiffs of, CROYDON (Surrey)
~, ~, kitchen of, SEASALTER (Kent)
~, burgesses, mayor, commonalty of, CANTERBURY (Kent)
~, Christchurch or Holy Trinity, ch, P, C and/or M of [Cathedral Priory], APPLEDORE (Kent), CANTERBURY (Kent), EASTCHURCH (Kent), EASTRY (Kent), GODMERSHAM (Kent), GREAT CHART (Kent), HOLLINGBOURNE (Kent), LOWER HALSTOW (Kent), MEOPHAM (Kent, MERSTHAM (Surrey), MONKTON (Kent), ORPINGTON (Kent), RUCKINGE (Kent), ST MARY CRAY (Kent), WESTWELL (Kent)
~, St Augustine, abbey of, A, C or M of, CANTERBURY (Kent), GREAT STONAR (Kent), HUNTON (Kent), LENHAM (Kent), MINSTER (Kent), PLUMSTEAD (Kent), SALMESTONE GRANGE (Kent)
Cardigan (Wales), men of, CARDIGAN/ABERTEIFI (Wales)
Carlisle (Cumberland),
~, bp of, HORNCASTLE (Lincs.), KING'S NEWTON (Derbys.), MELBOURNE (Derbys.),
~, burgesses, mayor and community of Carlisle, CARLISLE (Cumberland)
~, priory of St Mary, CARLISLE (Cumberland)
Carmarthen (Wales), P and C of St John the Evangelist of, CARMARTHEN/CAERFYRDDIN (Wales)
Carrow, see Norwich
Cartmel (Lancs.), ch of the Blessed Mary and/or P of, FLOOKBURGH (Lancs.)
Catesby (Nhants.), Ps and N of, CATESBY (Nhants.)
Cerne Abbas (Dorset), A and C of, CERNE ABBAS (Dorset), HAWKCHURCH (Devon)
Chard (Somers.), burgesses of, CHARD (Somers.)
Charterhouse Hinton, see Hinton Charterhouse
Chepyng Lamburn [Lambourn] (Berks.), parson or impropriator of ch of, LAMBOURN (Berks.)
Chertsey (Surrey), A, C or M of, BOOKHAM (Surrey), CHERTSEY (Surrey), COBHAM (Surrey), ST ANN'S HILL (Surrey)
Chester (Cheshire),
~, A and C or M of St Werburgh, ASTON UPON TRENT (Derbys.), BROMBOROUGH (Cheshire), CHESTER (Cheshire)
~, bp of, SAWLEY (Derbys.)
~, constable of, CHESTER (Cheshire)
~, Justiciar of, DEGANWY (Wales), FRODSHAM (Cheshire)
Chesterfield (Derbys.), leprous brothers, St Leonard and the sick men of, CHESTERFIELD (Derbys.)
Chetwood (Bucks.), P and C of, CHETWOOD (Bucks.)
Chichester (Sussex),
~, bp of Chichester, CHICHESTER (Sussex), HEATHFIELD (Sussex), PRESTON (Sussex), SELSEY (Sussex)
~, cathedral ch of Holy Trinity, CHICHESTER (Sussex)
~, citizens and mayor of, CHICHESTER (Sussex)
~, Hospital of St James outside, CHICHESTER (Sussex)
~, overlords of the city, CHICHESTER (Sussex)
~, reeve of, CHICHESTER (Sussex)
~, treasurer of, CHICHESTER (Sussex)
Chipping Campden (Glos.), burgesses of, CHIPPING CAMPDEN (Glos.)
Christchurch, see Twynham
Cinque Ports, barons or men of, GREAT YARMOUTH (Norfolk)
Cirencester (Glos.),
~, A and C of, CIRENCESTER (Glos.)
~, burgesses of, CIRENCESTER (Glos.)
Cleeve (Cleve) (Somers.), A of, OLD CLEEVE (Somers.)
Cliffe (Clive) (Kent), parson of, CLIFFE (Kent)
Cockermouth (Cumberland), bailiffs of, COCKERMOUTH (Cumberland)
~, farmers of tolls of, COCKERMOUTH (Cumberland), CROSTHWAITE (Cumberland)
~, freemen of, COCKERMOUTH (Cumberland)
Cockersand (Kokirsond) (Lancs.), A and C of St Mary's [Cockersand Abbey], GARSTANG (Lancs.)
Coggeshall (Essex), A and C of, COGGESHALL (Essex)
Cokesford, see Coxford
Colchester (Essex),
~, abbey or M of St John the Baptist, COLCHESTER (Essex)
~, burgesses of, COLCHESTER (Essex)
~, hospital or lepers of St Mary Magdalen of, COLCHESTER (Essex)
Combe (Warws.), A and C of, WOLVEY (Warws.)
Combermere (Cumbermar) (Cheshire), A and C or M of, MARKET DRAYTON (Shropshire)
Combwell (Kent), P, C or Ca of, COMBWELL (Kent)
Corfe (Dorset), men of, CORFE (Dorset)
Cormeilles (Cormeleies) (Normandy), abbey, A, or C of, NEWENT (Glos.)
Cornwall, sh of, EAST LOOE (Cornwall), GOLDSITHNEY (Cornwall), TOLCARNE (Cornwall), VERYAN (Cornwall)
Cottenham (Cambs.), parson of ch of, COTTENHAM (Cambs.)
Coventry (Warws.),
~, bp of Coventry and Lichfield, BISHOPS ITCHINGTON (Warws.), BREWOOD (Staffs.), BURTON (Cheshire), CANNOCK (Staffs.), ECCLESHALL (Staffs.), EVERTON (Hunts.), HAYWOOD (Staffs.), LICHFIELD (Staffs.), PREES (Shropshire), RUGELEY (Staffs.), SAWLEY (Derbys.); see also Lichfield
~, burgesses, mayor, bailiffs or men of, COVENTRY (Warws.)
~, P, C or M of, COVENTRY (Warws.), PACKINGTON (Leics.), SOUTHAM (Warws.)
Cowbridge (Wales), burgesses of, COWBRIDGE/Y BONT-FAEN (Wales)
Coxford (Cokesford) (Norfolk), P and/or Ca of, EAST RUDHAM (Norfolk)
Creake (Norfolk), Ca of the ch of St Mary de Pratis of (Creake Abbey, Hospital of St Mary), CREAKE ABBEY (Norfolk)
Cricket St Thomas (Somerset), lords of, WHITE DOWN (Somers.)
Crickhowell (Wales), burgesses and bailiffs of, CRICKHOWELL (Wales)
Crowland (Croyland) (Lincs.), A, C or M of, BASTON (Lincs.), CROWLAND (Lincs.), WHAPLODE (Lincs.), WELLINGBOROUGH (Nhants.)
Croxton (Leics), ch of St John de Valle, A and Ca of [Croxton Abbey], WALTHAM ON THE WOLDS (Leics.)
Cumberland, sh of, COCKERMOUTH (Cumberland), GREYSTOKE (Cumberland), IREBY (Cumberland), PENRITH (Cumberland)
Cumbermar, see Combermere

Dadsley (Yorks), burgesses of, TICKHILL (Yorks.)
Daventry (Nhants.), Cluniac priory, P or C of, DAVENTRY (Nhants.), WEST HADDON (Nhants.)
Deerhurst (Glos.), P and C of, DEERHURST (Glos.)
Degannwy (Wales), burgesses ofDEGANWY (Wales)
Derby (Derbys.), burgesses of, DERBY (Derbys.)
~, men of, BURTON ON TRENT (Staffs.)
~, sh of, BOLSOVER (Derbys.), CASTLETON (Derbys.), HORSLEY (Derbys.), KING'S NEWTON (Derbys.), MELBOURNE (Derbys.)
Darley (Derley) (Derbys.), A or A and C of, RIPLEY (Derbys.)
Dieulacres (Deulacres) (Staffs.), A of, LEEK (Staffs.)
Devizes (Wilts.),
~, burgesses of, DEVIZES (Wilts.)
~, castle of, constable of, SOUTHBROOM (Wilts.)
~, lepers of, SOUTHBROOM (Wilts.)
Doncaster (Yorks.), mayor, commonalty and community of, DONCASTER (Yorks.)
Dorchester (Oxon.), bp of, STOW (Lincs.)
Dover (Kent), hospital of St Mary Dover, master and brethren of, EASTBRIDGE (Kent), WHITFIELD (Kent)
Droitwich (Worcs.), burgesses of, DROITWICH (Worcs.)
Dryslwyn (Wales), burgesses of, DRYSLWYN (Wales)
Dublin (Ireland), archbp of, PENKRIDGE (Staffs.),
Dunheved, see Launceston
Dunkeswell (Dunkwell) (Devon), A and C of, BROADHEMBURY (Devon), BUCKLAND BREWER (Devon)
Dunstable (Beds.), P and/or Ca of, DUNSTABLE (Beds.), ROYSTON (Herts.)
Durford (Sussex), chapel of St Mary and St John Baptist, DURFORD (Sussex)
Durham (Co. Durham),
~, bp of, ALNWICK (Northumb.), BARNARD CASTLE (Co. Durham), BISHOP AUCKLAND (Co. Durham), BRADFORD (Yorks.), DARLINGTON (Co. Durham), DURHAM (Co. Durham), HARTLEPOOL (Co. Durham), HOLY ISLAND/LINDISFARNE (Northumb.), HOWDEN (Yorks.), NORHAM (Northumb.), NORTHALLERTON (Yorks.), NORTON (Co. Durham), SEDGEFIELD (Co. Durham), STAINDROP (Co. Durham), STOCKTON (Co. Durham)
~, ~, royal keeper of bishopric, BISHOP AUCKLAND (Co. Durham), DARLINGTON (Co. Durham), DURHAM (Co. Durham)
~, burgesses of, DURHAM (Co. Durham)
~, Kepier hospital in, DURHAM (Co. Durham)
~, priory, P and C of St Cuthbert [Cathedral Priory], DURHAM (Co. Durham), HEMINGBOROUGH (Yorks.)
Dursley (Glos.), burgesses of, DURSLEY (Glos.)

Easingwold (Yorks.), men of, EASINGWOLD (Yorks.)
East Anglia, bp of, THETFORD (Norfolk)
East Tisted (Hants.), parson of, EAST TISTED (Hants.)
Edwinstowe (Notts.), tenants of the king's town of, EDWINSTOWE (Notts.)
Elstow (Beds.), As or N of, ELSTOW (Beds.)
Eltham (Kent), tenants of the manor and lordship of, ELTHAM (Kent)
Ely (Cambs.),
~, bp of, BALSHAM (Cambs.), BARKING (Suffolk), BONBY (Lincs.), BRANDON (Suffolk), EAST DEREHAM (Norfolk), ELY (Cambs.), EARITH (Hunts.), HADSTOCK (Essex), HATFIELD (Herts.), LAKENHEATH (Suffolk), PULHAM (Norfolk), SHIPDHAM (Norfolk), SOLIHULL (Warws.), SOMERSHAM (Hunts.), SOMERSHAM (Suffolk), UPWELL (Norfolk), WISBECH (Cambs.)
~, ch, P and C or M of, BAWDSEY (Suffolk), ELY (Cambs.), HADSTOCK (Essex), LAKENHEATH (Suffolk), REACH (Cambs.), SUTTON (Cambs.), SWAFFHAM PRIOR (Cambs.)
Embsay (Yorks.), ch of St Cuthbert and Ca of, EMBSAY (Yorks.)
England, for sheriffs, see under names of counties; for escheators, see under counties and Trent; for individual monarchs, see Index of Persons
~, Crown of, ASHFORD (Kent), CHILHAM (Kent), ELHAM (Kent), LESSNESS (Kent), PRESTON BY WINGHAM (Kent), STOGURSEY (Somers.), WESTERHAM (Kent)
~, Exchequer, Barons of, CATTAWADE (Suffolk), WIRKSWORTH (Derbys.)
~, justice(s)
~, ~, of the bench, LEOMINSTER (Herefs.)
~, ~, in eyre, itinerant, AMPTHILL (Beds.), BANGOR (Wales), BIGGLESWADE (Beds.), CODICOTE (Herts.), COLCHESTER (Essex), DUNHAM (Notts.), FAKENHAM (Norfolk), HADLEIGH (Suffolk), LENTON (Notts.), LOPEN (Somers.), MERRIOTT (Somers.), NEWARK (Notts.), NEWPORT, ISLE OF WIGHT (Hants.), WANTAGE (Berks.), WELLOW (Notts.)
~, ~, king's, LAMBERHURST (Kent)
~, ~, of North Wales, BEAUMARIS (Wales)
~, ~, of West Wales, DINEFWR (Wales)
~, king's treasurer, LEIGHTON BUZZARD (Beds.)
~, king's sergeant at law, BRADFORD (Yorks.)
Envermeu (Evermu) (Normandy), P of, ANCASTER (Lincs.)
Ethon, see Nuneaton
Eton (Bucks.), provost and royal college of St Mary of [Eton College], ETON (Bucks.), LEIGHTON BUZZARD (Beds.)
Evesham (Worcs.), ch of St Mary [Evesham Abbey], A, C or M of, EVESHAM (Worcs.), OMBERSLEY (Worcs.), STOW ON THE WOLD (Glos.)
Exeter (Devon),
~, bp of, ASHBURTON (Devon), BISHOP'S CLYST (Devon), BISHOPSTEIGNTON (Devon), CARGOLL (Cornwall), CHUDLEIGH (Devon), CREDITON (Devon), LAWHITTON (Cornwall), METHLEIGH (Cornwall), NEWPORT (Devon), PAIGNTON (Devon), PENRYN (Cornwall), ST GERMANS (Cornwall), TEIGNMOUTH (EAST) (Devon), TEIGNMOUTH (WEST) (Devon), WADEBRIDGE (Cornwall)
~, burgesses, citizens, mayor, bailiffs and commonality of, EXETER (Devon)
~, Ca, dean and chapter of St Paul's [Exeter Cathedral], AXMINSTER (Devon), SIDBURY (Devon), TEIGNMOUTH (EAST) (Devon)
~, ~, treasurer of Exeter Cathedral, PROBUS (Cornwall)
~, P and M of St Nicholas of, EXETER (Devon)
Eye (Suffolk),
~, burgesses of, EYE (Suffolk)
~, ch of St Peter, P, C and M, BAWSEY (Norfolk), EYE (Suffolk)
Eynsham (Oxon.),
~, A and C or M of, CHARLBURY (Oxon.), EYNSHAM (Oxon.)
~, men and tenants of, EYNSHAM (Oxon.)

Faringdon (Berks.), burgesses of, FARINGDON (Berks.)
Faversham (Kent),
~, A, C or M of, FAVERSHAM (Kent), TRING (Herts.)
~, barons of, FAVERSHAM (Kent)
Fécamp (Fiscampis) (Normandy), abbey or A of, BRAMBER (Sussex), OLD WINCHELSEA (Sussex), STEYNING (Sussex)
Fontevrault (Anjou), abbey, As and N of, CORSHAM (Wilts.), LEIGHTON BUZZARD (Beds.)
Forde (Ford) (Dorset), A and C of, CHARMOUTH (Dorset), THORNCOMBE (Dorset)
Fotheringay college, NEWENT (Glos.)
Frampton (Dorset), P and M of, FRAMPTON (Dorset), NORTHAM (Devon)
Furness (Lancs.), abbey, A and M of, DALTON IN FURNESS (Lancs.)

Ghent (Flanders), abbey or A of, LEWISHAM (Kent)
Glastonbury (Somers.),
~, A and C or M of, DITCHEAT (Somers.), GLASTONBURY (Somers.), LYME REGIS (Dorset), MARTIN (Wilts.), STURMINSTER NEWTON (Dorset), WESTON ZOYLAND (Somers.), WRINGTON (Somers.)
~, chantry of, GLASTONBURY (Somers.)
Gloucester (Glos.),
~, A or A and M of St Peter's of [Gloucester Abbey], KING'S BARTON (Glos.), NORTHLEACH (Glos.)
~, burgesses of, GLOUCESTER (Glos.)
~, honor of, TEWKESBURY (Glos.)
Gloucestershire, sh of, BITTON (Glos.), CHIPPING CAMPDEN (Glos.), CHIPPING SODBURY (Glos.), HAWKSBURY (Glos.), KEMERTON (Worcs.), KEMPSFORD (Glos.), LECHLADE (Glos.), MARSHFIELD (Glos.), MORETON IN THE MARSH (Glos.), NORTHLEACH (Glos.), REDWICK (Glos.), ST BRIAVELS (Glos.), YATE (Glos.)
Godstow (Godestow) (Oxon.), As, ch of St Mary and St John the Baptist and the M of, GODSTOW (Oxon.), HIGH WYCOMBE (Bucks.)
Goldcliff (Wales), P and C of, GOLDCLIFF (Wales)
Grampound (Cornwall), burgesses of, GRAMPOUND (Cornwall)
Grantham (Lincs.), aldermen and burgesses of Grantham, GRANTHAM (Lincs.)
Gravesend (Kent), men of the town of Gravesend, GRAVESEND (Kent)
Great Bricett (Suffolk), ch of St Leonard of, P and Ca, GREAT BRICETT (Suffolk)
Great Yarmouth (Norfolk), burgesses or men of, GREAT YARMOUTH (Norfolk), LOTHINGLAND (Suffolk)
Greatham (Co. Durham), hospital of, GREATHAM (Co. Durham)
Greystoke (Cumberland), burgesses of, GREYSTOKE (Cumberland)
Grimsby (Lincs.), burgesses of Grimsby, GRIMSBY (Lincs.)
Grimston (Norfolk), parson of ch of, GRIMSTON (Norfolk)
Grovebury (Leighton) (Beds.), priory or P of, LEIGHTON BUZZARD (Beds.), MURSLEY (Bucks.)
Guildford (Surrey), see also Newark
~, ch and vicar of St Mary, GUILDFORD (Surrey)
~, ch of St Nicholas, parson of, ST CATHERINE'S HILL (Surrey)
~, men of, GUILDFORD (Surrey)
Guisborough (Yorks.), P and Ca of, GUISBOROUGH (Yorks.)

Hagheman, see Haughmond
Hailes (Glos.), A and M of, HAILES (Glos.)
Halesowen (Worcs.), A and C of, HALESOWEN (Worcs.)
Harlech (Wales), burgesses of, HARLECH (Wales)
Harpley (Norfolk), parson of ch of, HARPLEY (Norfolk)
Hartlepool (Co. Durham), burgesses of, HARTLEPOOL (Co. Durham)
Hastings (Sussex), men of, GREAT YARMOUTH (Norfolk), HASTINGS (Sussex)
Hatfield Regis (Essex), lord of, HATFIELD BROAD OAK (Essex)
Haughmond (Hagheman) (Shropshire), A and C of, LEEBOTWOOD (Shropshire)
Havering (atte Bower) (Essex), tenants and inhabitants of, HAVERING ATTE BOWER (Essex)
Helston (Cornwall), burgesses of, HELSTON (Cornwall)
Hempton (Norfolk), brothers of the hospital of St Stephen next to the causeway of Fakenham [Hempton priory], FAKENHAM (Norfolk)
Henley (Warws.), men of, HENLEY IN ARDEN (Warws.)
Hereford (Herefs.),
~, bp of, BISHOPS CASTLE (Shropshire), BROMYARD (Herefs.), CRADLEY (Herefs.), HEREFORD (Herefs.), LEDBURY (Herefs.), LYDBURY NORTH (Shropshire), PRESTBURY (Glos.), ROSS ON WYE (Herefs.)
~, cathedral ch, dean, Ca or chapter of, HEREFORD (Herefs.), LEDBURY (Herefs.), MADLEY (Herefs.), PRESTON UPON WYE (Herefs.)
~, citizens or men of, HEREFORD (Herefs.), LEOMINSTER (Herefs.), PRESTON UPON WYE (Herefs.)
Herefordshire, sh of, EARDISLEY (Herefs.), GOODRICH (Herefs.), HEREFORD (Herefs.), LEDBURY (Herefs.), LEOMINSTER (Herefs.), LYONSHALL (Herefs.), PEMBRIDGE (Herefs.), PRESTEIGNE/LLANANDRAS (Wales), ROSS ON WYE (Herefs.), WEOBLEY (Herefs.),, WILTON (Herefs.)
Herringfleet (Suffolk), P of, HERRINGFLEET (Suffolk)
Hertford (Herts.),
~, burgesses or men of, HERTFORD (Herts.)
~, hospital of the Holy Trinity, master of, HERTFORD (Herts.)
~, escheator in, BUNTINGFORD (Herts.)
~, jurors of, CODICOTE (Herts.)
~, sh of, BERKHAMSTED (Herts.), BUNTINGFORD (Herts.), HERTFORD (Herts.), KING'S LANGLEY (Herts.), ROYSTON (Herts.), STEVENAGE (Herts.), WARE (Herts.), WESTMINSTER (Middx.)
Heversham (Westmorland), parson of ch of, HEVERSHAM (Westmorland)
Heyinton, see Henton
Hickling (Norfolk), P and Ca of, HACHESTON (Suffolk), HICKLING (Norfolk)
High Ongar (Alta Angr') (Essex), rector of ch of, HIGH ONGAR (Essex)
High Wycombe (Bucks.),
~, hospital of St John, brethren of, HIGH WYCOMBE (Bucks.)
~, hospital of St Margaret, leprous brethren of, HIGH WYCOMBE (Bucks.)
Higham (Kent), abbey of St Mary and St Sulpice, Ps and N of Lillechurch [Higham priory], HIGHAM (Kent)
Hinton Charterhouse (Henton, Heyinton) (Somers), P, brethren, or C of, CHARTERHOUSE HINTON (Somers.), MIDSOMER NORTON (Somers.), NORTON ST PHILIP (Somers.)
Hitchin (Herts.), guild of St Mary, HITCHIN (Herts.)
Holland Bridge (Lincs.), P of St Saviour, BRIDGE END (Lincs.)
Holme Cultram (Holmcoltram) (Cumberland), A and C of, NEWTON ARLOSH (Cumberland), SKINBURNESS (Cumberland), WAVER (Cumberland)
Horsham (Norfolk), P of St Faith [Horsham priory], HORSHAM ST FAITH (Norfolk)
Hospitallers (Knights Hospitallers), P and brethren of the hospital of St John of Jerusalem in England, BALDOCK (Herts.), BOTTESFORD (Lincs.), CHIPPENHAM (Cambs.), CHIPPING HILL (Essex), HALSE (Somers.), INGATESTONE (Essex), KIRKBY LAYTHORPE (Lincs.), MELCHBOURNE (Beds.), SWINDERBY (Lincs.), WITHAM (Essex), YSTRADMEURIG (Wales)
Hounslow (Middx.), ministers and friars of the Trinity, HOUNSLOW (Middx.)
Huntingdon (Hunts.),
~, bailiffs, reeves and sh of, ST IVES (Hunts.)
~, burgesses of, HUNTINGDON (Hunts.), ST IVES (Hunts.)
Huntingdonshire, sh of, GLATTON (Hunts.), HOLME (Hunts.), ST IVES (Hunts.), YAXLEY (Hunts.)
Hythe (Kent), barons and good men of, HYTHE (Kent)

Ickleton (Ikelinton) (Cambs.), Ps or N of St Mary Magdalen, ICKLETON (Cambs.), STOCK (Essex)
Ilchester (Somers.), burgesses or men of, ILCHESTER (Somers.), MONTACUTE (Somers.), TINTINHULL (Somers.)
Ipswich (Suffolk),
~, ch of Holy Trinity, P and C or Ca of, IPSWICH (Suffolk)
~, lepers of St Mary Magdalen of, IPSWICH (Suffolk)
~, men of, IPSWICH (Suffolk)
Ivinghoe (Bucks.), Ps and N of St Margaret, HEMEL HEMPSTEAD (Herts.), IVINGHOE (Bucks.)
Ixworth (Suffolk), P and C of, IXWORTH (Suffolk)

Jervaulx (Yorks), A and C of, EAST WITTON (Yorks.)

Kenton (Devon), men of, KENTON (Devon)
Kepier hospital, see under Durham
Keynsham (Somers.), A or A and C of, KEYNSHAM (Somers.), MARSHFIELD (Glos.)
Kidwelly (Wales), men of, KIDWELLY/CYDWELI (Wales)
Kim, see Kyme
Kimberley (Norfolk), vicar of, GREAT MASSINGHAM (Norfolk)
King's Lynn (Norfolk), burgesses of, REACH (Cambs.)
Kingston upon Hull (Yorks.), burgesses of, KINGSTON UPON HULL (Yorks.)
Kingston upon Thames (Surrey), bailiffs of, KINGSTON UPON THAMES (Surrey)
Kirkby Lonsdale (Westmorland), parson of the ch of, KIRKBY LONSDALE (Westmorland)
Kirkcambeck (Cambeke) (Cumberland), rector of the ch of, KIRKCAMBECK (Cumberland)
Kirkeby, see Monks Kirby
Knights Hospitallers, see Hospitallers
Knights Templar, see Templars
Kyme (Kim) (Lincs.), P of, WAINFLEET (Lincs.)
Kymberle, see Kimberley

Lacock (Wilts.), As or Ps and N of, CHITTERNE (Wilts.), LACOCK (Wilts.)
Lambourn (Berks.), see Chepyng Lamburn
Lancashire, sh of, MANCHESTER (Lancs.), SALFORD (Lancs.), WALTON LE DALE (Lancs.)
Lancaster (Lancs.), burgesses of, LANCASTER (Lancs.)
Langley (Norfolk), A and Ca of, LANGLEY (Norfolk)
Launceston (Dunheved) (Cornwall),
~, burgesses, mayor, bailiffs, and commonalty of, LAUNCESTON (Cornwall)
~, ch, priory, P, C or Ca of St Stephens [Launceston priory], LAUNCESTON (Cornwall), ST STEPHENS (Cornwall)
~, jurors at, ST STEPHENS (Cornwall)
Lechlade (Glos.), P and brothers of the bridge of Lechlade [Lechlade priory of St John the Baptist], LECHLADE (Glos.)
Leeds (Kent), P and Ca of, CHATHAM (Kent)
Leicester (Leics.),
~, A and the C of St Mary de Pratis [Leicester abbey], LEICESTER (Leics.)
~, mayor, men and burgesses of Leicester, LEICESTER (Leics.)
Leicestershire, sh of, LEICESTER (Leics.), LOUGHBOROUGH (Leics.), NARBOROUGH (Leics.), WALTHAM ON THE WOLDS (Leics.)
Leighton, see Grovebury
Leiston (Leyston) (Suffolk), A, C or M of, DUNWICH (Suffolk), LEISTON (Suffolk), SIZEWELL (Suffolk)
Lenton (Notts.), ch of Holy Trinity, P or M of, LENTON (Notts.)
Leominster (Herefs.), P and C of, LEOMINSTER (Herefs.)
Letheringham (Suffolk), P and C of, LETHERINGHAM (Suffolk)
Lettele, see Netley
Lewes (Sussex),
~, archdeacon of, WISBOROUGH GREEN (Sussex)
~, men of, LEWES (Sussex)
~, priory, P and C of, HEACHAM (Norfolk), LEWES (Sussex), SEAFORD (Sussex), WALPOLE (Norfolk)
Leye, see Canonsleigh
Lichfield (Staffs.), see also Coventry
~, bp of, LICHFIELD (Staffs.)
~, ch of, ECCLESHALL (Staffs.), LICHFIELD (Staffs.)
Lillechurch (Kent), Ps and N of, HIGHAM (Kent)
Lilleshall (Shropshire), A of, ATCHAM (Shropshire)
Lincoln (Lincs.),
~, bp of, BANBURY (Oxon.), BIGGLESWADE (Beds.), BRADFORD (Yorks.), CHIPPING WARDEN (Nhants.), ELSTOW (Beds.), HADDENHAM (Bucks.), LOUTH (Lincs.), LYDDINGTON (Rutland), MARTON (Lincs.), NEWARK (Notts.), SLEAFORD (Lincs.), STOW (Lincs.), THAME (Oxon.), UPPINGHAM (Rutland); Introduction: Appendix II
~, ch, dean and chapter of [Lincoln Cathedral], BANBURY (Oxon.), LOUTH (Lincs.), NAVENBY (Lincs.), SLEAFORD (Lincs.), STOW (Lincs.)
~, citizens of, LINCOLN (Lincs.)
Lincolnshire, sh of, BARDNEY (Lincs.), BIGGLESWADE (Beds.), BOSTON (Lincs.), BURWELL (Lincs.), CAISTOR (Lincs.), FLEET (Lincs.), GEDNEY (Lincs.), HORNCASTLE (Lincs.), KINGSTON UPON HULL (Yorks.), KIRTON IN LINDSEY (Lincs.), LACEBY (Lincs.), LENTON (Notts.), LOUTH (Lincs.), MARKET RASEN (Lincs.), MARTON (Lincs.), NAVENBY (Lincs.), SALEBY (Lincs.), SEMPRINGHAM (Lincs.), SPITAL IN THE STREET (Lincs.), STOW GREEN (Lincs.), SWINESHEAD (Lincs.), TORKSEY (Lincs.), WEST RASEN (Lincs.), WRAGBY (Lincs.); Introduction: II
Lingerescroft, brethren of the hospital of St Mary de Prato, see Creake
Little Torrington (Devon), hospital of SS Peter and Mary Magdalene, LITTLE TORRINGTON (Devon)
Liverpool (Lancs.), mayor, bailiffs and the community of the borough of, LIVERPOOL (Lancs.)
Llandaff (Wales), bp of, LLANDAFF (Wales)
Llandovery (Wales), bailiffs and burgesses of, LLANDOVERY/LLANYMDDYFRI (Wales)
Llanthony Secunda (Glos.), P and C of, ALVINGTON (Glos.)
Llantrisant (Wales), burgesses and townsfolk of, LLANTRISANT (Wales)
Llanwhaden (Wales), burgesses of, LLANWHADEN (Wales)
London, see also Southwark, Westminster,
~, bp of, ACTON (Middx.), ASHWELL (Herts.), BISHOP'S STORTFORD (Herts.), BRADWELL ON SEA (Essex), BRAINTREE (Essex), BRAUGHING (Herts.), CHELMSFORD (Essex), CHERTSEY (Surrey), LAMBOURN (Berks.), MALDON (Essex), ORSETT (Essex), SOUTHMINSTER (Essex), WRITTLE (Essex)
~, ~, men of the bp of, KINGSTON UPON THAMES (Surrey)
~, ch or P of St Bartholomew, LONDON (Middx.)
~, ch, dean and chapter of St Paul's [Cathedral], CHELMSFORD (Essex), HEYBRIDGE (Essex)
~, ~, men of St Paul's at Barling, ROCHFORD (Essex)
~, citizens of, SHOTOVER (Dorset)
~, dean of ch of St Martin le Grand, GOOD EASTER (Essex)
~, mayor, citizens and city of London, LAMBETH (Surrey), SOUTHWARK (Surrey)
~, priory, P and C or Ca of Holy Trinity, Aldgate, BRAUGHING (Herts.), CORNEY BURY (Herts.)
~, Ps and N of St Helen's, BRENTFORD (Middx.)
~, sh of, LONDON (Middx.), WESTMINSTER (Middx.), see also Middlesex
Lostwithiel (Cornwall), burgesses of, LOSTWITHIEL (Cornwall)
Lothingland (Suffolk), men of, LOTHINGLAND (Suffolk)
Louth (Lincs.), A of, LOUTH (Lincs.)
Ludlow (Shropshire), burgesses of, LUDLOW (Shropshire)
Luffield (Bucks.), abbey, P and M of Luffield, LUFFIELD (Bucks.)
Lydd (Kent), bailiffs, jurats and commonalty of, LYDD (Kent)

Maiden Bradley (Wilts.),
~, leprous sisters of the hospital of St Mary, MAIDEN BRADLEY (Wilts.)
~, P and the brethren of, MAIDEN BRADLEY (Wilts.)
Maidenhead (Berks.), burgesses of, MAIDENHEAD (Berks.)
Maidstone (Kent), parson of the ch of, MAIDSTONE (Kent)
Malling (Kent), abbey, As, N or A and C of, WEST MALLING (Kent); see also South Malling
Malmesbury (Wilts.), abbey, A and C of, MALMESBURY (Wilts.), WESTPORT (Wilts.), WHITCHURCH (Wilts.)
Mansfield (Notts.), men of, MANSFIELD (Notts.)
Marlborough (Wilts.),
~, burgesses of, MARLBOROUGH (Wilts.)
~, P and Ca of St Margaret, PRESHUTE (Wilts.)
Marshfield (Glos.), A of, MARSHFIELD (Glos.)
Meaux (Yorks.), abbey, A and C of, KINGSTON UPON HULL (Yorks.)
Melcombe (Dorset), burgesses of, MELCOMBE REGIS (Dorset)
Melksham (Wilts.), king's men of, MELKSHAM (Wilts.)
Middlesex, sh of, ACTON (Middx.), ISLEWORTH (Middx.), STAINES, WESTMINSTER (Middx.), see also London
Middleton, see Milton
Milborne (Somers.), bailiffs and burgesses of, MILBOURNE PORT (Somers.)
Milton (Middleton) (Dorset), A and C of, MILTON ABBAS (Dorset), STOCKLAND (Devon)
Minster (Kent), Ps and N of Sheppey [Minster priory], MINSTER (Kent)
Mitcheldean (Glos.), rector of, NEWLAND (Glos.)
Moatenden (Modenden) (Kent), master of the house of, MOATENDEN (Kent)
Monks Kirby (Kirkeby) (Warws.), P and C of, MONKS KIRBY (Warws.)
Mont S Michel (Normandy), A or M of, OTTERTON (Devon), ST MICHAEL'S MOUNT (Cornwall)
Montacute (Somers.),
~, ch, P, or M of, CREECH ST MICHAEL (Somers., HAMDOM HILL (Somers.), ILCHESTER (Somers.), MONTACUTE (Somers.), TINTINHULL (Somers.)
~, men of the borough, MONTACUTE (Somers.)
Montgomery (Wales), burgesses of, MONTGOMERY/TREFALDWYN (Wales), WELSHPOOL/Y TRALLWNG (Wales)
Muchelney (Somers.), A of, MUCHELNEY (Somers.)

Navenby (Lincs.), bailiff of, NAVENBY (Lincs.)
Neath (Wales), burgesses of, NEATH/CASTELL-NEDD (Wales)
Nefyn (Wales), burgesses of, NEFYN (Wales)
Netley (Lettele) (Hants.), ch, A and C or M of, ASHLEY (Dorset), EAST WELLOW (Hants.), FRIAR WADDON (Dorset), GOMSHALL (Surrey), HOUND (Hants.), KINGSTON DEVERILL (Wilts.), LATTON (Wilts.), NETLEY (Hants.), NORTH LEIGH (Oxon.), TOTTON (Hants.)
New Romney (Kent), authorities of, LYDD (Kent)
Newark (Novus Locus) (near Guildford, Surrey), P of, RIPLEY (Surrey)
Newbury (Berks.),
~, hospital and brothers of St Bartholomew, NEWBURY (Berks.)
~, men of, NEWBURY (Berks.), THATCHAM (Berks.)
Newcastle (Northumb.), burgesses and mayor of, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE (Northumb.), TYNEMOUTH (Northumb.)
Newcastle under Lyme (Staffs.), burgesses and mayor of, NEWCASTLE UNDER LYME (Staffs.)
Newenham (Neweham) (Devon), A and C of, PELYNT (Cornwall)
Newent (Glos.), P of, NEWENT (Glos.)
Newland (Glos.), rector of, NEWLAND (Glos.)
Newport (Essex), hospital of St Mary and St Leonard Newport, brethren of, NEWPORT (Essex)
Newport (Wales), burgesses of, NEWPORT (Wales)
Newton Garth (Yorks.), hospital of Mary Magdalen, NEWTON GARTH (Yorks.)
Newtown (Wales), burgesses of, DINEFWR (Wales)
~, escheator in, FELBRIGG (Norfolk)
~, sh of, ASHMANHAUGH (Norfolk), AYLSHAM (Norfolk), BLACKBOROUGH (Norfolk), BLAKENEY (Norfolk), BROMEHILL PRIORY (Norfolk), BROOMHOLM (Norfolk), BURGH NEXT AYLSHAM (Norfolk), CANTLEY (Norfolk), CLEY NEXT THE SEA (Norfolk), CREAKE ABBEY (Norfolk), DEBENHAM (Suffolk), GRESHAM (Norfolk), GRESSENHALL (Norfolk), HALESWORTH (Suffolk), HOLT (Norfolk), HORNING (Norfolk), LANGHAM (Norfolk), LODDON (Norfolk), NEWMARKET (Suffolk), REEPHAM (Norfolk), SAHAM TONEY (Norfolk), SHIPDHAM (Norfolk), ST BENET'S HOLME (Norfolk), STOW BARDOLPH (Norfolk), WATTON (Norfolk), WORMEGAY (Norfolk), WORSTEAD (Norfolk), SHELLEY (Suffolk), WOODBRIDGE (Suffolk)
North Newbald, prebend of, see York
Northallerton (Yorks.), men of, NORTHALLERTON (Yorks.)
Northampton (Nhants.),
~, A or A and C of St James without Northampton, NORTHAMPTON (Nhants.)
~, mayor, bailiffs and burgesses of Northampton, NORTHAMPTON (Nhants.), WOODSTON (Hunts.)
~, monks of St Andrew's priory, NORTHAMPTON (Nhants.)
Northamptonshire, sh of, BANBURY (Oxon.), BRACKLEY (Nhants.), CHIPPING WARDEN (Nhants.), GEDDINGTON (Nhants.), KING'S CLIFFE (Nhants.), LUFFIELD (Bucks.), ODELL (Beds.), OLNEY (Bucks.), ROCKINGHAM (Nhants.), WESTMINSTER (Middx.)
Northumberland, sh of, BOLTON (Northumb.), HALTWHISTLE (Northumb.), HEXHAM (Northumb.), NEWBROUGH (Northumb.), WARK (Northumb.)
Norwell (Nortwell) (Notts.), Ca of the Nortwell prebend of, NORWELL (Notts.)
Norwich (Norfolk),
~, bailiffs of, NORWICH (Norfolk)
~, bp of, HOMERSFIELD (Suffolk), HOXNE (Suffolk), KING'S LYNN (Norfolk), NORWICH (Norfolk), REEPHAM (Norfolk), TERLING (Essex), THORNHAM (Norfolk), WELLESBOURNE HASTINGS (Warws.)
~, cathedral priory, ch, P, C or M of, HEMSBY (Norfolk), HOXNE (Suffolk), KING'S LYNN (Norfolk), MARTHAM (Norfolk), NORTH ELMHAM (Norfolk), NORWICH (Norfolk), SEDGEFORD (Norfolk)
~, citizens, commonalty, mayor, sheriffs of, NORWICH (Norfolk); Introduction: Appendix II
~, hospital of St Paul, NORWICH (Norfolk)
~, priory of St Mary of Carrow, NORWICH (Norfolk)
Nostell (Yorks.), ch, P, C or Ca of, BREEDON ON THE HILL (Leics.), NOSTELL (Yorks.), WOODKIRK (Yorks.)
Nottingham (Notts.), burgesses, bailiffs, mayor, community of, NOTTINGHAM (Notts.)
Nottinghamshire, sh of, BOLSOVER (Derbys.), CASTLETON (Derbys.), MELBOURNE (Derbys.), GRINGLEY ON THE HILL (Notts.), LENTON (Notts.), MANSFIELD (Notts.), NEWARK (Notts.), SHELFORD (Notts.), SOUTHWELL (Notts.)
Novus Locus, see Newark
Nuffield, see Thelsford
Nuneaton (Ethon) (Warws.),
~, ch of St Mary, NUNEATON (Warws.)
~, Ps and N of, NUNEATON (Warws.)

Old Sarum (Wilts.), men of, SALISBURY (Wilts.)
Ormskirk (Lancs.), burgesses of, ORMSKIRK (Lancs.)
Ospringe (Ospreng) (Kent), king's hospital, master and brethren of, HEADCORN (Kent)
Oswestry (Blancmoster) (Shropshire), burgesses of, OSWESTRY (Shropshire)
Otterton (Oterington) (Devon), P of, SIDMOUTH (Devon)
Ottery St Mary (Devon), warden and Ca of the college of the ch of, OTTERY ST MARY (Devon)
Oxford (Oxon.),
~, hospital of St John without the east gate, warden, brethren and the sick, WILBY (Nhants.)
~, St Augustine, P and friars of the order of hermits of, OXFORD (Oxon.)
~, St Frideswide, monastery, P, Ca of, OXFORD (Oxon.)
~, St Mary of Winchester college (New College), warden and scholars of, COLERNE (Wilts.), GREAT HORWOOD (Bucks.)
~, sh of, GREAT HASELEY (Oxon.), STANDLAKE (Oxon.), WALLINGFORD (Berks.), WITNEY (Oxon.)
~, university, chancellor and proctors of, OXFORD (Oxon.)
Oxfordshire, sh of, ADDERBURY (Oxon.), SWYNCOMBE (Oxon.), WESTMINSTER (Middx.), WOODSTOCK (Oxon.); see also Oxford

Paul (Cornwall), parson of the ch of St Paulinus, PAUL (Cornwall)
Penknight (Cornwall), burgesses of, LOSTWITHIEL (Cornwall)
Pereton, see Petherton
Pershore (Persor) (Worcs.), A, C or monastery of, BROADWAY (Worcs.), HAWKSBURY (Glos.), PERSHORE (Worcs.)
Peterborough (Nhants.), abbey, A, C, M or monastery of, ALWALTON (Hunts.), BARNWELL ST ANDREW (Nhants.), KETTERING (Nhants.), NORTHOLM (Nhants.), OUNDLE (Nhants.), OXNEY (Nhants.), PETERBOROUGH (Nhants.), SCOTTER (Lincs.)
Petherton (Pereton) (Somers.), chapel of St John the Baptist of, SOUTH PETHERTON (Somers.)
Pevensey (Sussex), barons of, PEVENSEY (Sussex)
Pickering (Yorks.), men of, PICKERING (Yorks.)
Pilton (Devon), P and C of, PILTON (Devon)
Plymouth (Devon), mayor and commonality of, PLYMOUTH (Devon)
Plympton (Devon),
~, burgesses of, PLYMPTON (Devon)
~, P and C of, SUTTON PRIOR (Devon)
Pocklington (Yorks.), burgesses of, POCKLINGTON (Yorks.)
Polesworth (Warws.), As and N of, POLESWORTH (Warws.)
Pontefract (Yorks.),
~, mayor and burgesses of, PONTEFRACT (Yorks.)
~, P and C of, BARNSLEY (Yorks.)
Poole (Dorset), mayor, bailiffs, burgesses and inhabitants of, POOLE (Dorset)
Pooley Bridge (Westmorland), burgesses of, POOLEY BRIDGE (Westmorland)
Pope (of Rome), BATH (Somers.), DOWNHAM MARKET (Norfolk), HOXNE (Suffolk), NORTH ELMHAM (Norfolk), RACKLEY (Somers.), ST DAVID'S/TYDDEWI (Wales)
Portsmouth (Hants.), burgesses of, PORTSMOUTH (Hants.)
Prato, see Creake
Prescot (Prestescote) (Lancs.), ch of, PRESCOT (Lancs.)
Preston (Lancs.), burgesses of, PRESTON (Lancs.)

Queenborough (Kent), inhabitants of, QUEENBOROUGH (Kent)

Ramsbury (Wilts.), bp of, WILTON (Wilts.), see also Wiltshire
Ramsey (Hunts.),
~, abbey, A, C, ch, or M of, ALLHALLOWS (Kent), BARNWELL ST ANDREW (Nhants.), DOWNHAM MARKET (Norfolk), HUNTINGDON (Hunts.), RAMSEY (Hunts.), ST IVES (Hunts.), UPWELL (Norfolk), WORMEGAY (Norfolk)
~, ~, men of, ST IVES (Hunts.), YAXLEY (Hunts.)
Ravenser[odd] (Yorks.), burgesses of, RAVENSERODD (Yorks.)
Reading (Berks.), abbey, A, C, ch or M of, ALLHALLOWS (Kent), HEREFORD (Herefs.), LEOMINSTER (Herefs.), READING (Berks.), THATCHAM (Berks.); see also Leominster
Repton (Repynd) (Derbys.), P of, REPTON (Derbys.)
Retford (Notts.), bailiffs, burgesses, men of, RETFORD (Notts.)
Rheims (Champagne), A and C of St Remy, WHEATON ASTON (Staffs.)
Riccall, prebendary of, see York
Richmond (Yorks.), burgesses of, BARNARD CASTLE (Co. Durham), BEDALE (Yorks.), MASHAM (Yorks.), MIDDLEHAM (Yorks.), RICHMOND (Yorks.), STAINDROP (Co. Durham)
Ripon (Yorks.), ch of St Wilfrid of, RIPON (Yorks.)
Robertsbridge (Sussex), A and C of, ROBERTSBRIDGE (Sussex)
Rocester (Staffs.), A and C of, ROCESTER (Staffs.)
Roche (Yorks.), abbey of, BURTON UPON STATHER (Lincs.)
Rochester (Kent),
~, bp of, BROMLEY (Kent), FRECKENHAM (Suffolk), ROCHESTER (Kent), STROOD (Kent), WEST MALLING (Kent)
~, cathedral priory, P, C or M of, DARENTH (Kent), DENTON (Kent), FRINDSBURY (Kent), HADDENHAM (Bucks.), ROCHESTER (Kent), SOUTHFLEET (Kent), STOKE (Kent), WOULDHAM (Kent)
~, mayor and citizens of, ROCHESTER (Kent)
Rockingham (Nhants.), constable of, ROCKINGHAM (Nhants.)
Rome, see Pope
Romsey (Hants.), abbey, As, C or N of, ROMSEY (Hants.), STEEPLE ASHTON (Wilts.)
Rotherham (Yorks.), A and C of, ROTHERHAM (Yorks.)
Rouen (Normandy), archbp, ch, dean and chapter of, KILHAM (Yorks.), KINGSCLERE (Hants.), OTTERY ST MARY (Devon)
Royston (Cruce Roes) (Herts.),
~, hospital of St Nicholas, brothers of, ROYSTON (Herts.)
~, monastery, P and C of, CHESTERTON (Hunts.), ROYSTON (Herts.)
Rufford (Yorks.), A, ch, C or M of, ROTHERHAM (Yorks.)
Rye (Sussex),
~, barons, mayor and commonalty of the king's port, RYE (Sussex)
~, hospital of St Bartholomew, RYE (Sussex)

Saffron Walden (Walden) (Essex), ch of St James, A, C or M of, SAFFRON WALDEN (Essex)
St Albans (Herts.),
~, abbey, A, ch, C or M of, BEWICK (Northumb.), BINHAM (Norfolk), CODICOTE (Herts.), HIGH BARNET (Herts.), LUTON (Beds.), ST ALBANS (Herts.), WATFORD (Herts.), WINSLOW (Bucks.)
~, mayor and burgesses of, ST ALBANS (Herts.)
St Asaph (Wales),
~, bp of, ST ASAPH/LLANELWY (Wales)
~, dean and chapter of, ST ASAPH/LLANELWY (Wales)
St Benet's Holme (St Bennet Hulme) (Norfolk), A, C or M of, ASHMANHAUGH (Norfolk), HORNING (Norfolk), NORTH WALSHAM (Norfolk), ST BENET'S HOLME (Norfolk)
St Buryan (Cornwall), dean of chapel of, ST BURYAN (Cornwall)
St David's (Wales)
~, prebendary of Marthyr in ch of, MATHRY (Wales)
St Erme (St Ermes) (Cornwall), parson of ch of, ST ERME (Cornwall)
St Germans (Cornwall), P of, ST GERMANS (Cornwall)
St Manaknew (Cornwall), parson of ch of, LANREATH (Cornwall)
St Michael's Mount (Cornwall), ch, P and M of, GOLDSITHNEY (Cornwall), ST MICHAEL'S MOUNT (Cornwall); see also Mont S Michel
St Neots (Hunts.), ch of St Mary of Bec, P, C or M of, ST NEOTS (Hunts.)
St Newlyn (Cornwall), parson of ch of, ST NEWLYN EAST (Cornwall)
St Osyth (Essex), abbey, A, ch, C or Ca of, BRENTWOOD (Essex), ST OSYTH (Essex), STOWMARKET (Suffolk)
St Werburgh's abbey, see Chester
Salisbury (Wilts.),
~, bp of, ABINGDON (Berks.), BRIDPORT (Dorset), CHARDSTOCK (Devon), CHARMINSTER (Dorset), CHIDDINGFOLD (Surrey), DEVIZES (Wilts.), GODALMING (Surrey), HASELMERE (Surrey), KIDWELLY/CYDWELI (Wales), OLD SARUM (Wilts.), RAMSBURY (Wilts.), SALISBURY (Wilts.), SHERBORNE (Dorset), SOUTHBROOM (Wilts.), WOKINGHAM (Berks.), YETMINSTER (Dorset)
~, ch of St Mary and Ca of [Salisbury Cathedral], BEAMINSTER (Dorset), CALNE (Wilts.), OLD SARUM (Wilts.), SALISBURY (Wilts.), WOKINGHAM (Berks.)
~, citizens or men of, SALISBURY (Wilts.), WILTON (Wilts.)
Sallay, Salle, see Sawley
Sandwich (Kent), mayor and jurats and the whole commonalty of, SANDWICH (Kent)
Sawley (Sallay, Salle) (Yorks.), A and M of, BOLTON BY BOWLAND (Yorks.), GISBURN (Yorks.)
Scarborough (Yorks.), burgesses of, BROMPTON (Yorks.), FILEY (Yorks.), SCARBOROUGH (Yorks.), SHERBURN (Yorks.)
Scotland, for monarchs, see Index of Persons
~, justice of, NEWBROUGH (Northumb.)
Seaford (Sussex), vill of, SEAFORD (Sussex)
Sedgefield (Co. Durham), vill of, SEDGEFIELD (Co. Durham)
Selbourne (Hants.), P and C of, SELBOURNE (Hants.)
Selby (Seleby) (Yorks.), A or A and C of Selby, CROWLE (Lincs.), GARTHORPE (Lincs.), SELBY (Yorks.)
Sempringham (Lincs.), priory, P or C of, RIGBOLT (Lincs.), SEMPRINGHAM (Lincs.), STOW GREEN (Lincs.)
Shaftesbury (Dorset), As, Ps or N of, BRADFORD UPON AVON (Wilts.), KINTBURY (Berks.)
Shalford (Surrey), parson of, SHALFORD (Surrey)
Sheen (Surrey), P of, EAST HENDRED (Berks.)
Sheppey (Kent), Ps and C of, MINSTER (Kent)
Sherborne (Shireburn) (Dorset), A and C of, SEATON (Devon), STALBRIDGE (Dorset)
Shotover (Dorset), burgesses of the Nova Villa, SHOTOVER (Dorset)
Shrewsbury (Shropshire),
~, abbey, A, ch, C, M, or provosts of, BASCHURCH (Shropshire), BETTON (Shropshire), SHREWSBURY (Shropshire)
~, burgesses, community, men of, SHREWSBURY (Shropshire)
Shropshire, sh of, ALBRIGHTON (Shropshire), CHURCH STRETTON (Shropshire), CLEOBURY MORTIMER (Shropshire), EATON (Shropshire), ELLESMERE (Shropshire), MONTGOMERY/TREFALDWYN (Wales), MUCH WENLOCK (Shropshire), LEDBURY (Herefs.), OSWESTRY (Shropshire), OVERTON (Shropshire), SHREWSBURY (Shropshire), WELLINGTON (Shropshire), WELSHPOOL/Y TRALLWNG (Wales)
Sixhills (Sixle) (Lincs.), P and C of, LUDFORD (Lincs.)
Skipsea (Skypse) (Yorks.), men of, SKIPSEA (Yorks.)
Slebech (Wales), hospital of, YSTRADMEURIG (Wales)
Snelshall (Bucks.), P of, MURSLEY (Bucks.), SNELSHALL (Bucks.)
Somerset, sh of, BEER CROWCOMBE (Somers.), CROWCOMBE (Somers.), MARSHFIELD (Glos.), MIDSOMER NORTON (Somers.), SHEPTON MALLET (Somers.), SOMERTON (Somers.), STAPLEFORD FITZPAINE (Somers.), WATCHET (Somers.), WINCANTON (Somers.)
Somerton (Somers.), men of, ILCHESTER (Somers.), SOMERTON (Somers.)
South Malling (Sussex), dean and Ca of the collegiate ch of, LINDFIELD (Sussex)
Southampton, sh of, see under Hampshire
Southwick (Hants.), P and Ca of, SOUTHWICK (Hants.)
Spalding (Lincs.), P and C of, MOULTON (Lincs.), PINCHBECK (Lincs.), SPALDING (Lincs.)
Stafford (Staffs.), bailiffs, burgesses of, BREWOOD (Staffs.), PENKRIDGE (Staffs.), RUGELEY (Staffs.), STAFFORD (Staffs.)
~, men of, BURTON ON TRENT (Staffs.)
Stamford (Lincs.), alderman and burgesses of, STAMFORD (Lincs.)
Stanstead Abbotts (Herts.), burgesses of, STANSTEAD ABBOTTS (Herts.)
Stockton (Co Durham), town of, STOCKTON (Co. Durham)
Stone hundred (Cambs.), jurors of, REACH (Cambs.)
Stone (Staffs.), P and C of, STONE (Staffs.)
Stoneleigh (Warws.), A and C of, STONELEIGH (Warws.)
Stow (Lincs.), ch of St Mary, STOW (Lincs.)
Stratford Langthorne (Essex), A and C of, BILLERICAY (Essex)
Studley (Oxon.), priory of, CROWCOMBE (Somers.)
~, bp of, HOXNE (Suffolk)
~, sh of Suffolk, BARKING (Suffolk), BURY ST EDMUNDS (Suffolk), COWLINGE (Suffolk), DEBENHAM (Suffolk), EAST RUDHAM (Norfolk), HALESWORTH (Suffolk), HERRINGFLEET (Suffolk), HOMERSFIELD (Suffolk), HOXNE (Suffolk), NEWMARKET (Suffolk), REDGRAVE (Suffolk), SHELLEY (Suffolk), SOUTHERTON (Suffolk), SOUTHWOLD (Suffolk), STRADBROKE (Suffolk), WANTFORD (Suffolk), WESTHALL (Suffolk)
Shouldham (Suldham) (Suffolk), P and C of, STOKE FERRY (Norfolk)
Surrey, sh of Surrey, BOOKHAM (Surrey), CHERTSEY (Surrey), FARNHAM (Surrey), LEATHERHEAD (Surrey), WESTMINSTER (Middx.), WITLEY (Surrey)
~, barons of, CHICHESTER (Sussex)
~, sh of Essex [sic], WILLINGDON (Sussex)
Swainstree (Sweynestre) (Kent), hospital of Holy Cross, master of, SWAINSTREE (Kent)
Swineshead (Lincs.), A and C of, SWINESHEAD (Lincs.)
Syon (Middx.), As of, STEYNING (Sussex)

Tamworth (Staffs.), bailiffs, commonalty, men of, TAMWORTH (Staffs.)
Tarrant (Dorset), A and C of, HANFORD (Dorset)
Tarring (Sussex), men of Tarring, WEST TARRING (Sussex)
Taunton (Somers.), P and C of the ch of SS Peter and Paul, DULVERTON (Somers.)
Tavistock (Devon), St Mary, A, A and C of, DENBURY (Devon), HATHERLEIGH (Devon), NORTH BRENTOR (Devon), TAVISTOCK (Devon), WORLINGTON (Devon)
Teignmouth, see West Teignmouth
Templars, master, brethren of the Order of the Knights Templar, BALDOCK (Herts.), CHIPPING HILL (Essex), GADDESBY (Leics.), HAREWOOD (Yorks.), ROTHLEY (Leics.), SOUTH CAVE (Yorks.), TEMPLE BALSALL (Warws.), TEMPLE BRUER (Lincs.), TEMPLETON (Wales), WALSHFORD (Yorks.), WETHERBY (Yorks.), WITHAM (Essex)
Tenby (Wales), burgesses of, TENBY/DINBYCH-Y-PYSGOD (Wales)
Tewkesbury (Glos.), abbey, A, or M of, BRISTOL (Glos.), CARDIFF/CAERDYDD (Wales), LLANTWIT MAJOR (Wales)
Thelsford (Warws.), friars of the order of the Holy Trinity of, THELSFORD (Warws.)
Thetford (Norfolk),
~, bp of, HOXNE (Suffolk)
~, burgesses of, THETFORD (Norfolk)
~, Ca of Holy Sepulchre, THETFORD (Norfolk)
~, hospital of the lepers of St John the Baptist, master of, THETFORD (Norfolk)
Thore, see Torre
Thorney (Cambs.), abbey, A, C or M of, FARCET (Hunts.), ST IVES (Hunts.), WOODSTON (Hunts.), YAXLEY (Hunts.)
Thornton (Lincs.), A and C of, FAXFLEET (Yorks.)
Thurgarton (Notts.), P and C of, FISKERTON (Notts.)
Tintagel (Cornwall), burgesses and men of, TINTAGEL (Cornwall)
Tisted, see East Tisted
Titchfield (Hants.), A and C of St Mary, TITCHFIELD (Hants.)
Torhill (Somers.), monastery of St Michael, GLASTONBURY (Somers.)
Torksey (Lincs.), burgesses of, TORKSEY (Lincs.)
Torre (Thor, Thore) (Devon), A or A and C of Torre, COLYTON (Devon), NEWTON ABBOT (Devon)
Totnes (Tototenesia) (Devon), ch of St Mary and M of, ASHPRINGTON (Devon)
Trent (river), escheator beyond, SAXMUNDHAM (Suffolk)
Truro (Cornwall), burgesses of, TRURO (Cornwall)
Tutbury (Staffs.), priory, P or C of, DOVERIDGE (Derbys.), NEWBOROUGH (Staffs.)
Twynham [now Christchurch, Dorset], P and C of, PUDDLETOWN (Dorset)
Tynemouth (Northumb.), P and C of, TYNEMOUTH (Northumb.)
Tywardreath (Tywardreth) (Cornwall), P and C of, FOWEY (Cornwall)

Vale Royal (Valle Regali) (Cheshire), A, A and C of, KIRKHAM (Lancs.), OVER (Cheshire)

Wainfleet (Lincs.), bailiffs and commonalty of, WAINFLEET (Lincs.)
Walden, see Saffron Walden
Wales, North, see England, justice(s), of North Wales
Wallingford (Berks.),
~, burgesses, mayor, men, inhabitants of, ABINGDON (Berks.), CROWMARSH GIFFARD (Oxon.), WALLINGFORD (Berks.)
~, custodian of the honor of Wallingford, SWYNCOMBE (Oxon.)
Wallington hundred (Surrey), jurors of, CROYDON (Surrey)
Walsall (Staffs.), people and 'captains' of, WILLENHALL (Staffs.)
Walsingham (Norfolk), P and C of, LITTLE WALSINGHAM (Norfolk)
Waltham Holy Cross (Essex), abbey, ch, A and Ca of, EPPING (Essex), TAKELEY (Essex), WALTHAM HOLY CROSS (Essex)
Walton (Surrey), constables of town and lordship of, WALTON ON THAMES (Surrey)
Wantford (Suffolk), parson of chapel of St Mary, WANTFORD (Suffolk)
Warter (Wartre) (Yorks.), P and C of, WARTER (Yorks.)
Warwick (Warws.), bailiffs, burgesses and commons of, WARWICK (Warws.)
Warwickshire, sh of, BEAUDESERT (Warws.), BRETFORD (Warws.), BRINKLOW (Warws.), COVENTRY (Warws.), HENLEY IN ARDEN (Warws.), KINETON (Warws.), LONG COMPTON (Warws.), NUNEATON (Warws.), SOLIHULL (Warws.), SOUTHAM (Warws.)
Watford (Herts.), men of, WATFORD (Herts.)
Waverley (Surrey), A of St Mary and the C of, WANBOROUGH (Surrey)
Wednesbury (Staffs.), people and 'captains' of, WILLENHALL (Staffs.)
Welbeck (Wellebec) (Notts.), Ca of, CHESTERFIELD (Derbys.)
Wells (Somers.), see also Bath and Wells
~, archdeacon of, AXBRIDGE (Somers.)
~, burgesses of, WELLS (Somers.)
~, dean, Ca of [Wells Cathedral], NORTH CURRY (Somers.), WEDMORE (Somers.)
~, provost of, WINSHAM (Somers.)
Wendover (Bucks.), king's tenants and residents in, WENDOVER (Bucks.)
Wenlock (Shropshire)
~, ch of St Milburg, P, C or M of, EATON (Shropshire), MADELEY (Shropshire), MUCH WENLOCK (Shropshire)
~, men and residents of, MUCH WENLOCK (Shropshire)
West Acre (Norfolk), P and C of the ch of St Mary and All Saints, WEST ACRE (Norfolk)
West Teignmouth (Devon), men of, TEIGNMOUTH (WEST) (Devon)
Westcheap (Yorks.), men of, PONTEFRACT (Yorks.)
Westminster (Middx.),
~, ch, A, P, C, or M of [Westminster Abbey], ASHWELL (Herts.), ISLIP (Oxon.), MORETON IN THE MARSH (Glos.), PERSHORE (Worcs.), STAINES (Middx.), STEVENAGE (Herts.), WESTERHAM (Kent), WESTMINSTER (Middx.)
~, dean and Ca of the college or free chapel of St Stephen in the palace of, ASHFORD (Kent), ELHAM (Kent)
~, hospital of St James without London by Westminster, leprous maidens of, WESTMINSTER (Middx.)
Westmorland, sh of, KIRKBY LONSDALE (Westmorland), POOLEY BRIDGE (Westmorland)
Whalley (Whalleye) (Lancs.), A and C of, HARDHORN (Lancs.)
Wherwell (Hants.), A, As, ch or M of, BASINGSTOKE (Hants.), WHERWELL (Hants.)
Whitby (Yorks.), ch, A, C or M of, WHITBY (Yorks.)
Wickham (Berks.), rector of ch of, WICKHAM (Berks.)
Wigan (Lancs.), ch of Wigan, WIGAN (Lancs.)
Wilton (Wilts.),
~, As, or ch of St Edith of, WILTON (Wilts.)
~, burgesses, mayor, or men of, OLD SARUM (Wilts.), SALISBURY (Wilts.), WILTON (Wilts.)
~, bp of, OLD SARUM (Wilts.), see also Ramsbury
~, sh of, BRADENSTOKE (Wilts.), CORSLEY (Wilts.), DEVIZES (Wilts.), HEYTESBURY (Wilts.), LACOCK (Wilts.), LUDGERSHALL (Wilts.), MALMESBURY (Wilts.), MARKET LAVINGTON (Wilts.), MARLBOROUGH (Wilts.), MELKSHAM (Wilts.), OLD SARUM (Wilts.), PRESHUTE (Wilts.), RAMSBURY (Wilts.), SALISBURY (Wilts.), SOMERTON (Somers.), SOUTHBROOM (Wilts.), WILTON (Wilts.), WOOTTON BASSETT (Wilts.)
Wimborne (Dorset), P of, WIMBORNE MINSTER (Dorset)
Winchcombe (Glos.), A and C of, WINCHCOMBE (Glos.)
Winchelsea (Sussex),
~, bailiff of, OLD WINCHELSEA (Sussex)
~, ch of the Blessed Thomas, OLD WINCHELSEA (Sussex)
~, men of, NEW WINCHELSEA (Sussex), OLD WINCHELSEA (Sussex)
Winchester (Hants.),
~, bp of, ADDERBURY (Oxon.), BISHOP'S WALTHAM (Hants.), COLERNE (Wilts.), DOWNTON (Wilts.), FAREHAM (Hants.), FARNHAM (Surrey), HAMBLEDON (Hants.), HAVANT (Hants.), HINDON (Wilts.), HOLT (Wilts.), IVINGHOE (Bucks.), NEW ALRESFORD (Hants.), NEWTOWN, ISLE OF WIGHT (Hants.), NEWTOWN (Hants.), OVERTON (Hants.), SWAINSTON, ISLE OF WIGHT (Hants.), TAUNTON (Somers.), WARGRAVE (Berks.), WENDOVER (Bucks.), WEYMOUTH (Dorset), WHITCHURCH (Hants.), WINCHESTER (Hants.), WITNEY (Oxon.); Introduction: Appendix II
~, cathedral priory, P, C or M of, HAVANT (Hants.), WINCHESTER (Hants.)
~, ~, Hordarian (Ordarius) of, HAVANT (Hants.)
~, ch of St Giles, WINCHESTER (Hants.)
~, custodian of, WINCHESTER (Hants.)
~, mayor, bailiffs and citizens of, WINCHESTER (Hants.)
~, St Elizabeth's College, BOTLEY (Hants.)
~, St Mary's Abbey, As of, TAN HILL (Wilts.)
Windsor (Berks.),
~, dean, Ca, warden of the king's free chapel of St George within the castle of, DEDDINGTON (Oxon.), IVER (Bucks.), LEIGHTON BUZZARD (Beds.), STOURBRIDGE (Worcs.)
~, mayor, baillifs and the burgesses and inhabitants of the town,(1466), WINDSOR (Berks.)
Wintney (Hants.), Ps of, HARTLEY WINTNEY (Hants.)
Withernsea (Yorks.), men of, WITHERNSEA (Yorks.)
Wix (Essex), M of, WIX (Essex)
Woburn (Beds.), A and M of, WOBURN (Beds.)
Wolverhampton (Staffs.), dean of, WOLVERHAMPTON (Staffs.)
~, people and 'captains' of, WILLENHALL (Staffs.)
Woodbridge (Suffolk), P and C of St Mary, WOODBRIDGE (Suffolk)
Woodstock (Oxon.), mayor and commonalty of, WOODSTOCK (Oxon.)
Worcester (Worcs.),
~, archdeacon of, FAKENHAM (Norfolk)
~, ch of St Mary, P or M, LINDRIDGE (Worcs.), SHIPSTON ON STOUR (Warws.)
~, citizens, men of, WORCESTER (Worcs.)
Worcestershire, sh of, BIRMINGHAM (Warws.), BROMSGROVE (Worcs.), DROITWICH (Worcs.), FECKENHAM (Worcs.), HALESOWEN (Worcs.), HANLEY CASTLE (Worcs.), LILBOURNE (Nhants.), LINDRIDGE (Worcs.), PERSHORE (Worcs.), STOW ON THE WOLD (Glos.), WORCESTER (Worcs.)
Writtle (Essex), ch of St Paul, WRITTLE (Essex)
Wycombe (Bucks.), burgesses of, HIGH WYCOMBE (Bucks.)
Wye (Kent), bailiffs, WYE (Kent)
Wymondham (Norfolk)
~, M of, WYMONDHAM (Norfolk)
~, men and inhabitants of, WYMONDHAM (Norfolk)

Yarm (Yorks.), tenants of, YARM (Yorks.)
Yarmouth (Norfolk), men of, GREAT YARMOUTH (Norfolk)
Yeovil (Somers.), ch, parson of Yeovil, YEOVIL (Somers.)
York (Yorks.)
~, A, C or M of St Mary, HORNSEA (Yorks.), WHITGIFT (Yorks.), YORK (Yorks.)
~, archbp of, BEVERLEY (Yorks.), BRADFORD (Yorks.), BROUGH (Yorks.), CHURCHDOWN (Glos.), HEXHAM (Northumb.), KILHAM (Yorks.), OTLEY (Yorks.), PATELEY BRIDGE (Yorks.), PATRINGTON (Yorks.), RIPON (Yorks.), SHERBURN IN ELMET (Yorks.), SOUTHWELL (Notts.), YORK (Yorks.)
~, hospital of St Leonard, master and brethren of, BURNESTON (Yorks.), NEWTON ON OUSE (Yorks.)
~, mayor, citizens, commonalty of, YORK (Yorks.)
~, prebendary of North Newbald in ch of St Peter's [York Minster], NORTH NEWBALD (Yorks.)
~, prebendary of Riccall in ch of St Peter's [York Minster], RICCALL (Yorks.)
~, treasurer of ch of St Peter's [York Minster], MOTTISFONT (Hants.), TOLLERTON (Yorks.)
Yorkshire, sh of, BARTON LE STREET (Yorks.), BINGLEY (Yorks.), EAST WITTON (Yorks.), HAMPSTHWAITE (Yorks.), HARTHILL (Yorks.), HEDON (Yorks.), KILHAM (Yorks.), KINGSTON UPON HULL (Yorks.), LAUGHTON EN LE MORTHEN (Yorks.), OTLEY (Yorks.), PANNAL (Yorks.), PATRINGTON (Yorks.), POCKLINGTON (Yorks.), SETTLE (Yorks.), SHERBURN IN ELMET (Yorks.), SKELTON (Yorks.), SKIPSEA (Yorks.), STAMFORD BRIDGE (Yorks.), WALSHFORD (Yorks.), WETHERBY (Yorks.), WITHERNSEA (Yorks.)

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