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No more than a limited attempt has been made to identify individuals and to group references accordingly. Persons, including bishops, abbots and lay magnates, are identified by family names where feasible. Otherwise, lay magnates are identified by their titles and ecclesiastics by their forenames. The Index of Institutions includes all references to bishops (by see) and to religious houses and their heads (by place), including those where the name of the individual is not known. Interpolated family names are shown within square brackets.

Names containing the elements Sancta or Sancto are alphabetised as Saint.

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Aaron the Jew (1194), of Lincoln, LINCOLN (Lincs.)

Abadam, John (1298), NETHER WEARE (Somers.)

Abbenhale, Reginald de (1328), MITCHELDEAN (Glos.)

[Abergavenny], Henry de (1205), bp of Llandaff, LLANDAFF (Wales)

Abrinc (Abrincis), William de (1214), FOLKESTONE (Kent)

Abriton, Simon de (1204), FOLKESTONE (Kent)

Achar (1200), A of Peterborough, OUNDLE (Nhants.), PETERBOROUGH (Nhants.), SCOTTER (Lincs.)

Achard family (1361), ALDERMASTON (Berks.)
Achard, Robert (1292), ALDERMASTON (Berks.)

Adam (1332), A of Peterborough abbey, OUNDLE (Nhants.)
Adam, John ab (ap) (1292, 1294), BEACHLEY (Glos.), BEVERSTON (Glos.)
~,~, Elizabeth wife of (1292), BEVERSTON (Glos.)

Aencurt, John de (1252), GRANBY (Notts.)

Aete, William de (1257), AYOT ST LAWRENCE (Herts.)

Aethelflaed (Athelflaed) (913–14), of Mercia, STAFFORD (Staffs.), TAMWORTH (Staffs.), WARWICK (Warws.)

AGUILLON (Agillun, Agoyllon, Aguillun, Aguylon)
Aguillon (Aguillun), Robert (1221, 1227), DEBENHAM (Suffolk)
Aguillon (Agoyllon, Agillun, Aguylon), Robert (de) (1248, 1270, 1278–9), (guardian of Ralph de Plaiz), BURES (Suffolk), FOWLMERE (Cambs.), GREATHAM (Hants.), WATTON AT STONE (Herts.)

[d'Aigueblanche], P(eter) (1241, 1249, 1262), bp of Hereford, HEREFORD (Herefs.), LEDBURY (Herefs.), LYDBURY NORTH (Shropshire), PRESTBURY (Glos.), PRESTON UPON WYE (Herefs.), ROSS ON WYE (Herefs.)

[Aiscough],William (1441), bp of Salisbury, CHARDSTOCK (Devon)

Akeny family (1228), WHITTLESFORD (Cambs.)
Akeny (Akynny), Baldwin de (1242), WHITTLESFORD (Cambs.)
Akeny, Baldwin de (1267), HOLKHAM (Norfolk)
Akeny, John de (1338), HOLKHAM (Norfolk)

ALAN, see also Fitz Alan
Alan (1243), A of Chertsey, BOOKHAM (Surrey)

Albemarle, see Forz

Albert, Geoffrey son of (1253), FLIXTON (Suffolk)

Alcock (1492), bp of Ely, WISBECH (Cambs.)

Aldeleye, Nicholas de (1292), NEWPORT (Shropshire)

Aldelym, Thomas de (1295), AUDLEM (Cheshire)

Alditheleg, James de (1252), TALKE (Staffs.)

Aldwin (1109x23), A of Ramsey, DOWNHAM MARKET (Norfolk)

Alexander (1123–40), bp of Lincoln, SLEAFORD (Lincs.), THAME (Oxon.)

Alexander (1337), P of Winchester, WINCHESTER (Hants.)

Alice (1491), Ps of the abbey of Amesbury, MELKSHAM (Wilts.)

[Alnwick],William (1441), bp of Lincoln, SPALDWICK (Hunts.)

Alta Ripa, William de (1279), EGDEAN (Sussex)

Amadeus (1259), master of Order of the Knights Templar, TEMPLE BRUER (Lincs.)

Amenevill, Robert de (1220), BITTON (Glos.)

Amoundevilla, Richard de (1338), STOWMARKET (Suffolk)

Angoulême, Isabel of, see under England, queen of, Isabel

Angus, earl of, see Umfravill

Anselm (1135), A of Bury St Edmunds, BURY ST EDMUNDS (Suffolk)

Appledorefeld, Henry de (1253), APERFIELD (Kent)

Aquitaine, duke of, see under England, king of, Henry II
Aquitaine, Eleanor of, see under England, queen of, Eleanor

de Arcy, see Darcy

ARDERN (Arderne)
Ardern, Hugh de (1251), HAMPTON IN ARDEN (Warws.)
Ardern, Robert de (1329), DRAYTON (Oxon.), DUNSTEW (Oxon.)
Ardern, Simon de (1267), MAPPERLEY (Derbys.)
Arderne, Wakelin de (1254), ALDFORD (Cheshire), ELFORD (Staffs.), NETHER ALDERLEY (Cheshire), NORMANBY BY SPITAL (Lincs.)

Arescy, Norman de (1214), NOCTON (Lincs.)

ARGENTAN (Argentoein, Argentein)
Argentan (Argentoein), Richard de (1223, 1227), HALESWORTH (Suffolk), NEWMARKET (Suffolk)
Argentein, Reginald de (1292), HALESWORTH (Suffolk), NEWMARKET (Suffolk)

Armner, Thomas (1389), the king's servant, SANDFORD ON THAMES (Oxon.)

Arsic, Eudo de (1215), GREAT DUNHAM (Norfolk)

ARUNDEL, see also d'Aubigny; fitz Alan
Arundel, earl of, FAKENHAM (Norfolk), KENNINGHALL (Norfolk)
~, ~, sheriff of, ARUNDEL (Sussex)
[Arundel], Thomas (1388, 1409), bp of Ely, archbp of Canterbury, the king's cousin, CLIFFE HILL (Sussex), EAST DEREHAM (Norfolk)

ARUNDELL (Arendel)
Arundell, John de (1302), MITCHELL (Cornwall)
Arendel, John de (1333), ST COLUMB MAJOR (Cornwall)

Ashton, Sir John de (1413?, 1436?), ASHTON UNDER LYNE (Lancs.)
Ashton, Sir Thomas de (1413?), ASHTON UNDER LYNE (Lancs.)
Ashton, Sir Thomas de (1498), ASHTON UNDER LYNE (Lancs.)

Asshe, John (1488), P of the ch of SS Peter and Paul, Taunton, DULVERTON (Somers.)

Assheton, Thomas (1467), heir of Thomas and Alice Flemyng, CROSTON (Lancs.)

Astleg, see Estleg

Aston, Alan son of Roald de (1257), DODBROOKE (Devon)

Athol, David earl of (ante 1270), first husband of Isabel wife of Alexander de Balliol, LESSNESS (Kent)

Aubemarle, William de (1286), WOODBURY (Devon); see also Forz

Aubern, Roger le fiz (1227x72, 1274–5), FLIXTON (Suffolk), SOMERLEYTON (Suffolk)

d'AUBIGNY (Albini, Albiniaco, Dawbeney), see also Arundel
d'Aubigny family (1225), SOUTH PETHERTON (Somers.)
d'Aubigny (Albiniaco), Elias (1243, d. c.1305), son of Ralph, SOUTH PETHERTON (Somers.)
[d'Augbigny], Hugh (1226), son and heir of William earl of Arundel (d. 1221), ATTLEBOROUGH (Norfolk), KENNINGHALL (Norfolk)
Albiniaco, Joan de (1242) [poss Johanna Poinz], AMPTHILL (Beds.)
Albiniaco, Oliver de (1245), BRANT BROUGHTON (Lincs.)
Albiniaco (Albin'), Philip de (1219), TORKSEY (Lincs.)
d'Aubigny (Albiniaco), Philip (1243, 1292) (s. of Ralph), POLRUAN (Cornwall), SOUTH PETHERTON (Somers.)
d'Aubigny (Albiniaco), Ralph (c.1243, 1252), SOUTH PETHERTON (Somers.)
Albini, William de (1107, c.1110), king's butler, earl, KING'S LYNN (Norfolk), WYMONDHAM (Norfolk)
d'Aubigny, William (d. 1176), NEW BUCKENHAM (Norfolk)
d'Aubigny,William (1203–4, d. 1221), earl of Arundel, CHIPPING CAMPDEN (Glos.), KING'S LYNN (Norfolk), WYMONDHAM (Norfolk)
~, ~, Mabel wife of, sister of Ranulph earl of Chester, CHIPPING CAMPDEN (Glos.)
~, ~, Nicola daughter of Mabel and William (1247), wife of Roger de Somery, CHIPPING CAMPDEN (Glos.)
Dawbeney, William (1448), king's squire, SOUTH PETHERTON (Somers.)

AUDLEY (Daudele)
Audley, Henry de (1220), BETLEY (Staffs.)
Audele, Hugh de (1318), the elder, STRATTON AUDLEY (Oxon.)
Audele, Hugh de (1318, 1330, 1347), the younger (earl of Gloucester), LITTLE BRICKHILL (Bucks.), OAKHAM (Rutl.), ROTHERFIELD (Sussex), ROTHWELL (Nhants.), TONBRIDGE (Kent), YALDING (Kent)
~, ~, Margaret wife of (1318), the king's niece, see Gaveston, Piers, Margaret wife of
Daudele, James (1335), LLANDOVERY/LLANYMDDYFRI (Wales)
Audley, Nicholas de (1383) kn, FELINDRE (Wales)

Augustin', John son of (1194), LINCOLN (Lincs.)

AUMALE (Albermarle) Aumale, counts of, see Béthune, Forz
Aumale (Albermarle), earl of, LUTON (Beds.), WANTAGE (Berks.)

Auvylers, Bartholomew de (1254), ERWARTON (Suffolk)

Avenel, John (1347), KELLING (Norfolk)
Avenel, Nicholas (1230), SHEEPWASH (Devon)
Avenel, Ralph de (1200), ENGLISH BICKNOR (Glos.)

Avenels, John de (1279), GAMLINGAY (Cambs.)

Avranches, Hugh de (1090), earl of Chester, CAERNARFON (Wales)

[Ayermine], W[illiam] (1331), bp of Norwich, TERLING (Essex)

Aygneaus, John de (1298), MOULTON (Suffolk)


BACON (Bacoun, Bacun)
Bacun, Adam (1307), OULTON (Suffolk)
Bacun, Edmund (1307), OULTON (Suffolk)
Bacoun, Robert kn (1347), ERWARTON (Suffolk)
Bacun, Thomas (1245), LODDON (Norfolk)

Baddlesmere family, MARKET OVERTON (Rutl.)
Baddlesmere, Bartholomew de (1310, 1312, 1315, d. 1322), ADDERLEY (Shropshire), ASHDON (Essex), CASTLE COOMBE (Wilts.), CHILHAM (Kent), COLERNE (Wilts.), EASTBOURNE (Sussex), HAMBLEDEN (Bucks.), HEYTESBURY (Wilts.), KINGSTON (Kent), LESSNESS (Kent), MARKET OVERTON (Rutl.), RINGSWOULD (Kent), SHIFNAL (Shropshire), SUNDON (Beds.), THAXTED (Essex), TONG (Kent), WEST KINGSDOWN (Kent)

Bakepuz (Bekepuz), Ralph de (1254, 1271), CHEDDAR (Somers.), WESTON IN GORDANO (Somers.)

Baldwin (1243), lord of Thorne, THORNE ST MARGARET (Somers.)
Baldwin the sheriff (1086), OKEHAMPTON (Devon)

BALLIOL (Baliol, Balliolo, Ballol)
Balliol (Baliol, Balliolo), Alexander de (1270, 1293, d. 1310–11) (marr. Isabel daughter of Roesia de Dover), CHILHAM (Kent), KINGSTON (Kent), LESSNESS (Kent)
~, ~, Isabel (Isabelle) wife of (c. 1270, 1291, 1312), da of Roesia de Dover, first married David earl of Athol, CHILHAM (Kent), KINGSTON (Kent), LESSNESS (Kent)
Balliolo, Eustace de (1262), KIRKLINTON (Cumberland)
~, ~, Helewis wife of (1262), KIRKLINTON (Cumberland)
Baliol, Hugh de (1204, 1221), HITCHIN (Herts.), NEWBIGGIN BY THE SEA (Northumb.)
Balliol (Ballol), John de (c.1241, 1259), GREAT DRIFFIELD (Yorks.), NEWBIGGIN BY THE SEA (Northumb.)
~, ~, Devorgilla wife of (c.1241), sister of Christine Forz, niece of John the Scot, GREAT DRIFFIELD (Yorks.)
Balliol, John de (1286, 1295), NEWBIGGIN BY THE SEA (Northumb.), TORKSEY (Lincs.)
~, ~, Isabel wife of (1286), TORKSEY (Lincs.)

Bampton, Master Paulinus de (1251), TIDESWELL (Derbys.)

Banastre, Robert (1257), NEWTON LE WILLOWS (Lancs.)
Banastr, Robert (<1292), grandfather of Ales wife of John son of John Byrun, STAINTON (Lancs.)

Banyard, Robert (1318), WHEATACRE (Norfolk)

BARDOLF (Bard', Bardulf)
Bardolf, Hugh (1150), CASTLE CARLTON (Lincs.)
Bard', Hugh (1200), BROMSGROVE (Worcs.)
Bardolf, Hugh (1303–4), FILLINGHAM (Lincs.), HARDWICK (Norfolk)
Bardolf, John (1304), HALLATON (Leics.)
Bardulf, Robert (1205), ALLHALLOWS (Kent)
Bardulf, William (1238), HARTHILL (Yorks.), SHELFORD (Notts.)
Bardulf, William (1244), STOW BARDOLPH (Norfolk), WORMEGAY (Norfolk)
Bardolf, William (1258), GARVESTON (Norfolk), SETCHEY (Norfolk), WORMEGAY (Norfolk)
Bardolf (Bardulf), William (1265, 1267), the younger, BIRLING (Sussex), RUSKINGTON (Lincs.)
Bardolf, William (1284), CANTLEY (Norfolk), HALLATON (Leics.), TILNEY (Norfolk), WHINBURGH (Norfolk)

BARENTYN (Barentino, Barentun)
Barentyn (Barentino), Drew de (1253, 1257), BIRDBROOK (Essex), ICKBURGH (Norfolk)
Barentun, Nicholas de (1221), RAMSDEN BELLHOUSE (Essex)

Barkere, Walter (1384), vicar of Kymberle, GREAT MASSINGHAM (Norfolk)

Barksworth, Elizabeth wife of John de (1329), TUXFORD (Notts.)

Barwe, Sir Thomas de (1291), iuxta Sanctum Edmundum, BARROW (Suffolk)

Baskerville, Walter de (1225), EARDISLEY (Herefs.)

Basset, Alan (1219, 1222), HIGH WYCOMBE (Bucks.), WOOTTON BASSETT (Wilts.)
Basset, Anselm (1272), LANGRIDGE (Somers.)
Basset, Gilbert (1188, 1194), STONY STRATFORD (Bucks.), UXBRIDGE (Middx.)
~, ~, Egelina (Angelina) wife of (1194), STONY STRATFORD (Bucks.)
Basset, Gilbert (1234), UPAVON (Wilts.)
Basset, Philip (c.1250, 1261, d. 1271) (br. of Gilbert), HADLEIGH (Suffolk), KERSEY (Suffolk), UPAVON (Wilts.)
~, ~, Ela widow of (1281), countess of Warwick, UPAVON (Wilts.)
Basset, Ralph (1257), of Drayton, the younger, COLSTON BASSET (Notts.)
Basset, Ralph (1284), son of Ralph the younger, COLSTON BASSET (Notts.)
Basset, Ralph (1316, 1329, 1335), of Drayton (son of Ralph (1284)), COLSTON BASSET (Notts.), FAZELEY (Staffs.), OLNEY (Bucks.), PATTINGHAM (Staffs.)
Basset, Thomas (1207), COLYTON (Devon)
Basset, William (1333), REDRUTH (Cornwall)

BASSINGBOURN (Bassingburn, Bassyngbourn)
Bassyngbourn, Humphrey de (1331), WICKEN (Cambs.)
Bassingbourn, John de (1207), WEST THURROCK (Essex)
Bassingburn, Warin de (1335), ABINGTON PIGOTTS (Cambs.)

Bastwyk, Stephen (1401), UPTON (Norfolk)

Bateman, Ralph (1401), UPTON (Norfolk)

Bauchan, Richard (1253), CROYDE (Devon)

Baud, William le (1314, 1317, 1327), CORRINGHAM (Essex), LUBBENHAM (Leics.), PUCKERIDGE (Herts.)
~, ~, Isabel wife of (1314), PUCKERIDGE (Herts.)

Bavent, Adam de (1285), SHIPBOURNE (Kent), COCKING (Sussex)
Bavent, Robert de (1302), MAREHAM LE FEN (Lincs.)
Bavent, Roger de (1312), son of Adam, SHIPBOURNE (Kent)
Bavent, Thomas (1330, 1336), EASTON BAVENTS (Suffolk)

Baylgy, Hugh (1274–5), HOLT (Norfolk)

Baynard, Fulconi (1226), MERTON (Norfolk)
Baynard, Philip (>1380), cousin of Peter Cusance, HILMARTON (Wilts.)

Bays, Thomas (1414), esquire, WEST HARPTREE (Somers.)

BEAUCHAMP (Bello Campo)
Beauchamp family (late 14C), BEAUDESERT (Warws.), HENLEY IN ARDEN (Warws.)
Bello Campo, Cecily de (1289, 1318), COMPTON DUNDON (Somers.), SHEPTON MALLET (Somers.)
Bello Campo, Guy de (1300), earl of Warwick, SUTTON COLDFIELD (Warws.)
[Beauchamp], Henry (1441), earl of Warwick, the king's cousin, TEWKESBURY (Glos.)
Bello Campo, Humphrey de (1298), RYME INTRINSECA (Dorset)
Beauchamp, John de (1268–9), son of Robert, SHEPTON BEAUCHAMP (Somers.)
Beauchamp, John de (1268–9), WHITE LACKINGTON (Somers.)
Bello Campo, John de (1301), of Somerset, HATCH BEAUCHAMP (Somers.)
Beauchamp, John de (1359), ALCESTER (Warws.)
Bello Campo, John of (1361) Somerset, SHEPTON BEAUCHAMP (Somers.)
~, ~, Margaret late wife of (1361), SHEPTON BEAUCHAMP (Somers.)
Beauchamp, John de (1373), the king's squire, HOLT (Worcs.)
Beauchamp, John of Poywyk (1446), kn, ALCESTER (Warws.)
Beauchamp (de Bello Campo), Richard (1413, 1417), earl of Warwick, WALSALL (Staffs.), WARWICK (Warws.)
[Beauchamp], Richard (1462, 1481), bp of Salisbury, BRADFORD (Yorks.), CHARDSTOCK (Devon)
Beauchamp (de Bello Campo), Robert de (1260, <1268–9), father of John (1268–9), MARSTON MAGNA (Somers.), SHEPTON BEAUCHAMP (Somers.), WHITE LACKINGTON (Somers.)
Bello Campo, Roger de (1330), EATON SOCON (Beds.)
Bello Campo, Simon (1248), father of Robert, MARSTON MAGNA (Somers.)
Bello Campo, Thomas de (1349, 1353), earl of Warwick, BARROWDEN (Rutl.), SUTTON COLDFIELD (Warws.)
Bello Campo, Walter de (1223), KIBWORTH BEAUCHAMP (Leics.)
Beauchamp, Walter de (1274), ALCESTER (Warws.)
Bello Campo, Walter de (1292, 1302, 1320), ALCESTER (Warws.)
Beauchamp, William de (1243x54), of Elmley, ELMLEY CASTLE (Worcs.), STOW ON THE WOLD (Glos.)
Bello Campo, William de (1227x72), EATON SOCON (Beds.)
Bello Campo, William (1251), son of William de Bello Campo of Bedford, LINSLADE (Bucks.)
Bello Campo, William de (1268, 1290, 1292), earl of Warwick, HANSLOPE (Bucks.), LYDNEY (Glos.), WARWICK (Warws.)

[Beaufai], William [de] (ante 1066), bp of Thetford, HOXNE (Suffolk)

BEAUFORT, see also Richmond
[Beaufort], Edmund (1452), duke of Somerset, WOKING (Surrey)
[Beaufort], Henry (1401), bp of Lincoln, SLEAFORD (Lincs.)
[Beaufort], Henry (1414), bp of Winchester, WITNEY (Oxon.)

Beaumes, Hugh de (1271), STANWAY (Shropshire)

BEAUMONT (Bello Monte)
Beaumont, Henry de (1119), earl of Warwick, WARWICK (Warws.)
Beaumont (Bello Monte), Henry de (1307), BARTON-UPON-HUMBER (Lincs.), EDENHAM (Lincs.), FOLKINGHAM (Lincs.)
Bello Monte, Henry de (d. by 1340), earl of Boghan [Buchan], BARTON-UPON-HUMBER (Lincs.)
Bello Monte, Lewis de (1303), prebendary of the prebend of Calne, Salisbury, CALNE (Wilts.)

Beaupeil, Richard (1221), BRENDON (Devon)

Beche, John de la (1318), YATTENDON (Berks.)

Beck, John (1255), SPILSBY (Lincs.)
Beck, Robert le (1330), REPTON (Derbys.)

Bedeford, Richard de (1280), WAREHORNE (Kent)

Bedford, John (1415), duke of, MURSLEY (Bucks.)

Bedyngfled, Edmund (1482), esquire, OXBOROUGH (Norfolk)

Beek, Nicholas de (1355), TEAN (Staffs.)

Beggebury, Roger
~, ~, Henry son of (1380), GOUDHURST (Kent)
~, ~, Joan late the wife of (1380), GOUDHURST (Kent)
~, ~, John son of (1380), GOUDHURST (Kent)
~, ~, Ralph son of (1380), GOUDHURST (Kent)

BEK (Bec)
Bek (Bec), Anthony (1297, 1310), bp of Durham, ALNWICK (Northumb.), STOCKTON (Co. Durham)
Bek, John (1301), SKIDBROOK (Lincs.)
(Bek), Thomas (1280–93), bp of St David's, ABERGWILI (Wales), GLASCWM (Wales), KERRY/CERI (Wales), LAMPHEY (Wales), LLANDDEW (Wales), LLANDDEWI-BREFI (Wales), LLANDEILO (Wales), LLANDYGWYDD (Wales), LLANGADOG (Wales), LLAWHADEN (Wales), NEW MOAT (Wales), PLEASLEY (Derbys.), RACHFYNYDD (Wales), ST DAVID'S/TYDDEWI (Wales), ST HARMON (Wales), TRALLONG (Wales), TREFIN (Wales)

Bekepuz, see Bakepuz

Bekeryng, Thomas de (1305), BOLAM (Northumb.)

Belet, William (1254, 1260), GAYTON (Norfolk), MARHAM (Norfolk), WEST TOFTS (Norfolk)

Bello Campo, see Beauchamp

Bello Monte, see Beaumont

Belmeis, Richard de (c.1107), CHICHESTER (Sussex)

Benedict (1189–99), A of Peterborough abbey, OUNDLE (Nhants.), PETERBOROUGH (Nhants.), SCOTTER (Lincs.)

Bensted(e), John de (1304), king's clerk, BENINGTON (Herts.), ERMINGTON (Devon)

Bensun, Ralph de (1274–5), SOUTH CREAKE (Norfolk)

Bere, Richard de la (1254), KILMESTON (Hants.)
Bere, Richard de la (1357), KINNERSLEY (Herefs.)

Bereford, Edmund de (1330), son of William de Bereford, MEASHAM (Leics.)
Bereford, William de (1311), MEASHAM (Leics.)

BERKELEY (Berkelai, Berkele, Berkely, Berkle, Berkleye)
Berkeley family, DURSLEY (Glos.), REDCLIFF (Somers.)
Berkele (Berkely), Maurice de (1252, 1256, 1262), son of Joan de Berkele, REDCLIFF (Somers.), WENDENS AMBO (Essex), WOTTON UNDER EDGE (Glos.)
~, ~, men of (1256), REDCLIFF (Somers.)
Berkele, Maurice (1348), son of Thomas de, PORTBURY (Somers.)
Berkele (Berkley), Joan (Johanna) de (1252), WOTTON UNDER EDGE (Glos.)
Berkelai, Robert son of Maurice de (1189), BERKELEY (Glos.)
Berkle (Berkleye), Thomas de (1287), BERKELEY (Glos.), WOTTON UNDER EDGE (Glos.)
Berkele (Berkeley), Thomas de (1330, 1348), father of Maurice, BERKELEY (Glos.), NEWPORT (Glos.), PORTBURY (Somers.), WOLLASTON (Nhants.)
Berkeley, Thomas lord of (1396, 1406), BERKELEY (Glos.), NEWPORT (Glos.), PENZANCE (Cornwall)

Berkesworth, John de (1329), TUXFORD (Notts.)

Berking, see Richard

Berland, William (1375), kn, LATTON (Essex)
~, ~, Christiana wife of (1375), LATTON (Essex)
~, ~, heirs and assigns of (1375), LATTON (Essex)

Bernak, J. de (1245), BUCKENHAM (Norfolk)

Berners, John de (1254), the elder, GREAT DUNMOW (Essex)
Berners, Ralph de (1278–9), WEST HORSLEY (Surrey)

Bernes, John de (1374), citizen of London, CULWORTH (Nhants.)

Bernyngham, Walter de (1303), LITTLE BARNINGHAM (Norfolk)

Berstede, Edward (1304), BENINGTON (Herts.)

Bertram, Prior (1188x1219), DURHAM (Co. Durham)
Bertram, R. (1249), MITFORD (Northumb.)
Bertram, Roger (1157), MITFORD (Northumb.)
Bertram, Roger (1200), FELTON (Northumb.)

Besilles, Thomas (1348), kn, BROMTON REGIS (Somers.)

Bethum, Thomas de (1310), BEETHAM (Westmorland)

BETHUNE, see also Aumale
Bethune, Baldwin de (1214), earl of Albermarle [Aumale], LUTON (Beds.)
[Bethune], R(obert) [de] (1138), bp of Hereford, LEDBURY (Herefs.), ROSS ON WYE (Herefs.)

Beumes, Hugo de (1281), GREAT LIMBER (Lincs.)
Beumes, Robert de (1257), yeoman to Edward the king's son, GREAT LIMBER (Lincs.)

Beverley (Beverle), John de (1364, d. 1380), PENKRIDGE (Staffs.)
~, ~, Amice widow of (d. 1416), PENKRIDGE (Staffs.)

Bezill, John de (1272), king's yeoman, WEST ALVINGTON (Devon)
Bezill, Matthew (1241), SHERSTON (Wilts.)
Bezill, Matthias (1272), king's yeoman, RADCOT (Oxon.)

BIGOD (Bigot, Bygod), see also Norfolk
Bigot, Hugh le (1199), BUNGAY (Suffolk)
Bigod, Hugh le (1222), DOVERCOURT (Essex)
Bigod, Hugh le (1254), HESSLE (Yorks.), KIRKBY MOORSIDE (Yorks.)
~, ~, Joan wife of (1254), HESSLE (Yorks.), KIRKBY MOORSIDE (Yorks.)
Bigot, Roger (1066x86), KELSALE (Suffolk)
Bigod, Roger le (1200, 1203), earl of Norfolk, HANWORTH (Norfolk), WALTON (Suffolk)
Bigod (Bygod), Roger le (1228, 1253–4, 1260, 1270), earl of Norfolk and marshal of England, son of heir of Hugh le Bigod earl of Norfolk, BUNGAY (Suffolk), FRAMLINGHAM (Suffolk), GREAT CHESTERFORD (Essex), HARLESTON (Norfolk), HARWICH (Essex), MARGRITESTOWE (Suffolk)
Bigod (Bygod), Roger (le) (1274–5, 1294, 1302–3, d. by 1307), earl of Norfolk and marshal of England, ACLE (Norfolk), BEACHLEY (Glos.), BUNGAY (Suffolk), FRAMLINGHAM (Suffolk), HALVERGATE (Norfolk), HANWORTH (Norfolk), MARGRITESTOWE (Suffolk), SOHAM EARL (Suffolk), WALTON (Suffolk), WATLINGTON (Oxon.)

Bikeleg (Bikel'), Huardum (Huward) de (1233, 1238), HOLWELL (Dorset)

[Bingham], Robert (1240), bp of Salisbury (1240), RAMSBURY (Wilts.), SHERBORNE (Dorset)

BIRMINGHAM (Bermyngham, Burming(e)ham)
Burmingeham (Burmingham), William de (1250, 1254), BIRMINGHAM (Warws.), ENVILLE (Staffs.), HOGGESTON (Bucks.)
Birmingham, William de (1285), BIRMINGHAM (Warws.)
Bermyngham, William de (1334), son of William de Burmingham, HOGGESTON (Bucks.)
Birmingham, William de (1403), BIRMINGHAM (Warws.)

Biset, John (1238), KIDDERMINSTER (Worcs.)

[Bitton], Thomas (1295, 1302), bp of Exeter, NEWPORT (Devon), PAIGNTON (Devon), PENRYN (Cornwall)
[Bitton], William [of] (1253), bp of Bath and Wells, CHARD (Somers.)

Black Prince, Edward the, see Wales, Edward prince of

[Bloet], Robert (1102–7), bp of Lincoln, STOW (Lincs.)

Blois, Henry of (1129), the king's nephew, A of Glastonbury, [bp of Winchester], GLASTONBURY (Somers.)

Bloyhou, Ralph de (1331), ST MICHAEL'S MOUNT (Cornwall)

BLUET (Blowett)
Bluet family, HILMARTON (Wilts.)
Bluet, John (1300), HILMARTON (Wilts.)
Blowett, Roger (1556), kn, lord and owner of the town, NORTH PETHERTON (Somers.)

[Blundeville], Thomas (1227), bp of Norwich, HOMERSFIELD (Suffolk), HOXNE (Suffolk), LANGHAM (Norfolk)

BLUNT (Blound, Blount, Blund)
Blund family, PENKRIDGE (Staffs.)
Blund, Andrew le (c.1225, 1244), nephew of Henry of London, PENKRIDGE (Staffs.)
Blount (le Blund), Hugh (1278, 1293, 1312), son of Andrew le Blund, PENKRIDGE (Staffs.)
[Blund], Richard (1256, 1270), bp of Exeter, BISHOPSTEIGNTON (Devon)
Blunt (Blound), William le (1330), BELTON (Rutl.)

Boarhunte, Richard de (1303), BOARHUNT (Hants.)

Boclaunde, Philip de (1258), BUCKLAND (Herts.)

BODRIGAN (Bodregan, Bodrygan)
Bodregan, Henry de (1237), EAST LOOE (Cornwall)
Bodrigan, Henry de (1302), grandson of Henry de Bodregan, EAST LOOE (Cornwall)
Bodrygan, William de (1302), EAST LOOE (Cornwall)

Boeles, John de (1308), OLD WARDEN (Beds.)

Bohun, Frank de (c. 1274), married Sybill de Ferrers, LUTON (Beds.)
Bohun, Henry de (1200), TROWBRIDGE (Wilts.)
Bohun, Humphrey de (1257, 1286), the younger, earl of Hereford and Essex, HUNTINGTON (Herefs.), KIMBOLTON (Hunts.)
Bohun, Humphrey de (1303, 1308, 1318), earl of Hereford and Essex, constable of England and lord of Brecon, BRECON/ABERHONDDU (Wales), ENFIELD (Middx.), FOBBING (Essex), PINCHBECK (Lincs.)
~, ~, Elizabeth, wife of, countess of Holland and the king's daughter, ENFIELD (Middx.)
[Bohun], Joc[elin] (1147–8), bp of Salisbury, SHERBORNE (Dorset)
Bohun, Savaricus de (1223), MIDHURST (Sussex)

Bokelond, John de (1347), BROCKENHURST (Hants.)

Bokerynk, Thomas de (1329), TUXFORD (Notts.)

BOLEVILL (Boleville)
Boleville, Nicholas de (1248), WISCOMBE (Devon)
Bolevill, William de (1254), HILDERSHAM (Cambs.)
~, ~, Ela wife of (1254), HILDERSHAM (Cambs.)

Bolteby, Nicholas de (1267), REDPETH (Northumb.)

Booth, Sir George (1608), ASHTON UNDER LYNE (Lancs.)

Bosco, Robert de (1272), GARBOLDISHAM (Norfolk)
~, ~, Isolda wife of (1272), GARBOLDISHAM (Norfolk)

BOTERELL (Boterel)
Boterel, Richard (1292), ASTON BOTTEREL (Shropshire)
Boterel, Thomas (1263), ASTON BOTTEREL (Shropshire)
Boterell, William (1204), TOLCARNE (Cornwall)

BOTEREUS (Botereaus, Botereux)
Botereus, Albrede de (1254), GREAT CODFORD (Wilts.)
Botreaux, Elizabeth (1399), late the wife of William le Botreaux kn, BOSCASTLE (Cornwall), BOSWORGEY (Cornwall)
Botereus, William de (1285), BABINGTON (Somers.)
Botereus, William de (1302), BOSCASTLE (Cornwall), LELANT (Cornwall)
Botereaus, William son of William de (1296), LELANT (Cornwall)
Botereux, William son of William de (1312), BOSCASTLE (Cornwall), BOSWORGEY (Cornwall)

Boteler, see Butler

Botetourte, see Buteturte

BOTLEY (Bottele)
Botley family, BOTLEY (Hants.)
Bottele, John de (1267), BOTLEY (Hants.)

Botyll, Robert (1449), P of Hospital of St John of Jerusalem, SWINDERBY (Lincs.)

Boulogne, count of (c.1200), BURTON UPON STATHER (Lincs.)
Boulogne, Reginald count of (>1228), KIRTON IN LINDSEY (Lincs.)

Bourghchier family, HALSTEAD (Essex)
Bourghchier, Henry (1433, 1467, 1481), earl of Essex, the king's uncle, son of William, BRADFORD (Yorks.), HALSTEAD (Essex)
[Bourgchier], Thomas (1481), cardinal and archbp of Canterbury (1481), BRADFORD (Yorks.)

Bourn, Thomas de (1344), STUDLEY ROYAL (Yorks.)

Bousser, Robert de (1330), HALSTEAD (Essex)

Boxe, Richard de (1253), HODDESDON (Herts.)

Brabazon, Roger (1300), SIBBERTOFT (Nhants.)

Bradeston, Blanche (1393), WINTERBOURNE (Glos.)
Bradeston, Thomas de (1336), EVERSLEY (Hants.)

Brakelond, Jocelin of, BURY ST EDMUNDS (Suffolk)

Brakenbergh, Robert de (1278, 1281), son of William, GLENTHAM (Lincs.)

Brampton, Brian de (1252), BRAMPTON BRYAN (Herefs.)

BRAOSE (Braosa, Breous, Breouse, Breus, Breusa, Breuse, Brewes, Brewosa, Briwes)
Breus (Breusa), Eva de (1233–4), DARTMOUTH (Devon), TOTNES (Devon)
Braose, E [sic for Giles de] (1201), bp of Hereford, LEDBURY (Herefs.)
Brewosa, Giles de (1311), HEYDON (Norfolk)
~, ~, Joan wife of (1311), HEYDON (Norfolk)
~, ~, Richard son of (1311), HEYDON (Norfolk)
Breuse, John de (1257), CULMINGTON (Shropshire)
Breouse (Brewosa), John de (1335), LEA (Lincs.), WALTON ON THE HILL (Surrey)
~, ~, heirs of (1335), WALTON ON THE HILL (Surrey)
Brewosa, Peter de (1342), WHITFORD (Devon)
Breuse, Richard de (1267, 1281), LUDBOROUGH (Lincs.), WHITTINGHAM (Suffolk)
~, ~, Alic' wife of (1267, 1281), LUDBOROUGH (Lincs.)
Brewosa, Richard de (1309), STRADBROKE (Suffolk)
Briwes, Robert de (1233, 1239), STAPLEFORD FITZPAINE (Somers.), THEYDON MOUNT (Essex)
~, ~, Beatrice wife (1239), THEYDON MOUNT (Essex)
Brewes (Brewouse), Thomas de (1350, 1355), TETBURY (Glos.)
Braose, William de (1073, 1086), BRAMBER (Sussex), STEYNING (Sussex)
Braose (Breuse, Braosa), William de (1191, 1200, 1202), KNIGHTON/TREF Y CLAWDD (Wales), NEW SHOREHAM (Sussex), PAINSCASTLE (Wales), TETBURY (Glos.)
Breus', William de (1223–4), AXMINSTER (Devon), TEIGNMOUTH (EAST) (Devon)
Breous, William de (1233), son and heir of John de Breus, HORSHAM (Sussex)
Breuse (Breouse), William de (1279, 1280, 1287), FINDON (Sussex), HORSHAM (Sussex), NEW SHOREHAM (Sussex), STEYNING (Sussex), TETBURY (Glos.), WEST GRINSTEAD (Sussex)
Braose, William de (1316), BRAMBER (Sussex)

Braunche, Andrew (1349), FROME (Somers.)
Braunche, Peter (1243), GRESHAM (Norfolk)
Braunche, William (1270), FROME (Somers.)
~, ~, Joan wife of (1270), FROME (Somers.)
~,~, heirs of (1270), FROME (Somers.)

Bray, William de (1260), WOLLASTON (Nhants.)

Braybrook (Braibroc, Braibrok), Henry (de) (1227), married Christiana daughter and heir of Wishard Ledet, CHIPPING WARDEN (Nhants.) ), CORBY (Nhants.), POTTON (Beds.)

BREAUTÉ (Breaut, Breaut')
Breauté (Breaut, Breaut', Breut'), Falk (Falkes, Faulkes) de (1217–24), guardian of Baldwin de Revers, uncle of Nicholas Martin, COMBE MARTIN (Devon), HONITON (Devon), KEMSING (Kent), PLYMPTON (Devon), SAMPFORD PEVEREL (Devon), SIDMOUTH (Devon), SUTTON VALENCE (Kent)
~, ~, Nicholas nephew of (1222), alias Nicholas Martin, COMBE MARTIN (Devon)

Bret, Adam le (1306), SAMPFORD BRETT (Somers.)

BREWER (Briw, Briwer, Briwerr)
Briwer, Richard, son of William Briw' (1213), CHESTERFIELD (Derbys.)
Brewer (Briw, Briwer, Briwerr), William (1189x99, 1196, 1200, 1204, 1215, 1220–1, 1226), AXMINSTER (Devon), BRIDGWATER (Somers.), CHESTERFIELD (Derbys.), GREAT TORRINGTON (Devon), MARKET DEEPING (Lincs.), NEWTON ABBOT (Devon), NEWTON POPPLEFORD (Devon), STOCKBRIDGE (Hants.)
[Briwere], W[illiam] (1231), bp of Exeter, CREDITON (Devon)
Briwerr, William son of William (1328), CHESTERFIELD (Derbys.)

Brian, Alan son of (1251), BEDALE (Yorks.)

Brianzoun, Batholomew de (1286), AVELEY (Essex)

(Brideport) [Bridport], Giles de (1255, 1258), dean of Wells, bp of Salisbury, WEDMORE (Somers.), WOKINGHAM (Berks.)
Brideport, Master John de (1271), CAWSTON (Norfolk)

Brinton, Adam de (1251), CHURCH EATON (Staffs.)

Brionne (Brion), Guy de (1247), LAUGHARNE (Wales), LOUGHOR (Wales)

Brito balistarius (1219, d. before 1227), EAST WITTON (Yorks.)
Brito, Richard (1181–2), STOW (Lincs.)

Briton, Ranulf (1229), CHALFONT ST PETER (Bucks.)

BRITTANY (Bretagne, Bretann', Britainia, Brittainia, Brittan', Brittania)
Brittany, countess of (1200), RICHMOND (Yorks.)
Brittany, earl of (late 13C), BURWASH (Sussex)
Brittany, Alan count of (1140), earl of Cornwall and Richmond, GOLDSITHNEY (Cornwall)
Brittany, Alan II count of (uncle of Count Alan III), RICHMOND (Yorks.)
Brittany, Alan III count of, RICHMOND (Yorks.)
Brittany, Conan earl of (d. 1171), RICHMOND (Yorks.)
Brittany (Brittania, Bretagne), John de (1268, 1279, 1281), earl of Richmond, duke of Brittany, ALDBROUGH (Yorks.), BOSTON (Lincs.), RICHMOND (Yorks.), SWAFFHAM (Norfolk)
Brittany, John de Dreux, duke of (1299), earl of Richmond, NEWBIGGIN BY THE SEA (Northumb.)
Brittany (Bretagne, Bretann', Britannia, Brittainia, Brittan', Brittania), John de (1305–1330), earl of Richmond, (earl of Surrey [sic], earl of Rutland, son of John), BOSTON (Lincs.), BOWES (Yorks.), BULVERHYTHE (Sussex), BURWASH (Sussex), FOTHERINGHAY (Nhants.), GREAT DRIFFIELD (Yorks.), KIRTON (Lincs.), LOWESTOFT (Suffolk), NEWBIGGIN BY THE SEA (Northumb.), REPTON (Derbys.), RICHMOND (Yorks.), SWAFFHAM (Norfolk)
Brittany, John, duke of (1335, d. 1341), and earl of Richmond, BABRAHAM (Cambs.), BASSINGBOURN (Cambs.), CHESHUNT (Herts.)
Brittany, Stephen, count of, [Lord of Richmond], father of Count Alan III, RICHMOND (Yorks.)

Broc, Edeline del (1221), HASLEMERE (Surrey)

Brocan (Welsh leader), BRECON/ABERHONDDU (Wales)

Brokesburn, John de (1320), BRADFIELD (Essex)

Brom, Robert (1374), of Warwick, CULWORTH (Nhants.)

Bromfeud, Llewellyn (1279), son of Griffin, LLANARMON MYNYDD MAWR (Wales)

Bromfleet, see Brounflete

Brompton, William de (1286), WYVERSTONE (Suffolk)

[Bronescombe], Walter (1259), bp of Exeter, PENRYN (Cornwall)

Bronston, William (1468), BURTON ON TRENT (Staffs.)

Brooke, Robert (1441), the king's servant, BICESTER (Oxon.)
Brook, Thomas (1408), kn, HOLDITCH (Dorset)

Brotherton, Thomas de, see Norfolk

BROUNFLETE (Bromfleet)
Bromfleet, Henry (1458), kn, lord Vescy, kinsman and heir of Reynold son of Peter, MARKET WEIGHTON (Yorks.)
Brounflete, Thomas (1390), esquire of the king, MARKET WEIGHTON (Yorks.)
~, ~, Margaret wife of (1390), MARKET WEIGHTON (Yorks.)

BRUCE (Brus)
Bruce family, POTTON (Beds.)
Brus, Peter de (1227), SKELTON (Yorks.)
Brus, Peter de (1268), KENDAL (Westmorland)
~, ~, Margaret daughter of (1292, d. by 1307), married Robert de Ros, KENDAL (Westmorland)
Brus, Robert de (1215), son and heir of William de Brus, HARTLEPOOL (Co. Durham)
Brus, Robert de (1288, 1292–3), the elder (lord of Annandale), HARTLEPOOL (Co. Durham), IREBY (Cumberland), WRITTLE (Essex)
~, ~, Cristiana wife of (1292), heir of William de Ireby, IREBY (Cumberland)
Brus, William de (1201), HARTLEPOOL (Co. Durham)

Brumfeld, William de (1297), FRANT (Sussex)

Brunne, William le (1277), FORDINGBRIDGE (Hants.)
~, ~, Isolde wife of (1277), FORDINGBRIDGE (Hants.)

Bruyne, Maurice (1435), kn, MARKET LAVINGTON (Wilts.), SOUTH OCKENDON (Essex)

Bryene, Philip de, kn
~, ~, Joan wife of (1387), FROME (Somers.)

Buchan, earl of, see Beaumont, Comyn

BUCKINGHAM, see also Stafford
Buckingham, Edward duke of (1517), earl of Hereford, Stafford, Northampton and lord of Brecon, BRECON/ABERHONDDU (Wales)

Bucton, John de (1262), provost of Wells, WINSHAM (Somers.)

Builli, Roger de (1088), BLYTH (Notts.)
~, ~, Muriel wife of (1088), BLYTH (Notts.)

Bukenham, Hugh de (1315), SNETTERTON (Norfolk)
Bukenham, Nigell' de (1274–5), BUCKENHAM (Norfolk)

Bukeswrth, Simon son of Richard de (1256), BUCKWORTH (Hunts.)

Burdegala, Oliver de (1319, 1333), king's yeoman, WEYBOURNE (Norfolk)
~, ~, Maud wife of (1319, 1333), WEYBOURNE (Norfolk)

Burdet, William (1301), LOWESBY (Leics.)

Burewardeleg (Burewardeslegh), Philip de (1220), ASHLEY (Staffs.)

Burgate, Peter de (1272), BURGATE (Suffolk)
Burgate, Robert de (1286), son of Peter, BURGATE (Suffolk)

BURGH (Burg', Burgo), see also Clare
Burgh (Burgo), Elizabeth de (1360), BUNTINGFORD (Herts.), CHIPPING (Herts.)
Burgo, G[eoffrey] de (1226), bp of Ely, BARKING (Suffolk), HATFIELD (Herts.)
Burgh (Burg', Burgo), Hubert de (1201, 1226–9, 1231, 1235, 1238), justiciar, earl of Kent, BURGH NEXT AYLSHAM (Norfolk), CAWSTON (Norfolk), HADLEIGH (Essex), HAUGHLEY (Suffolk), HOLWELL (Dorset), KIRTON IN LINDSEY (Lincs.), LONG COMPTON (Warws.), MONTGOMERY/TREFALDWYN (Wales), NAYLAND (Suffolk), OSPRINGE (Kent), RAYLEIGH (Essex), ROCHFORD (Essex), SOUTHERTON (Suffolk), WESTHALL (Suffolk)
~, ~, Margaret wife of (1227–8), HADLEIGH (Essex), HAUGHLEY (Suffolk), KIRTON IN LINDSEY (Lincs.), OSPRINGE (Kent), NAYLAND (Suffolk), RAYLEIGH (Essex)
Burgh, Hubert de (1293), EASTBRIDGE (Kent)
Burgo, John de (1264, 1269, 1272), son of Hubert, CAWSTON (Norfolk), QUEEN CAMEL (Somers.), SHAFTESBURY (Dorset), WAKERLEY (Nhants.)
Burgo, John de (1275), the younger, ILCHESTER (Somers.)
Burgh, Thomas (1481), kn, BRADFORD (Yorks.)
Burgo, Walter de (1272), BURGH ST MARGARET (Norfolk)
Burgo, William de (1271), BURGH ST MARGARET (Norfolk)

BURGHERSH (Burgherssh)
[Burghersh], Henry (1329–30), bp of Lincoln, BANBURY (Oxon.), BIGGLESWADE (Beds.), LOUTH (Lincs.), NEWARK (Notts.), SLEAFORD (Lincs.)
Burgherssh, Ismania (1392), wife of John de Burgherssh kn, PARTNEY (Lincs.)

Burgoyne, Thomas (1544), POTTON (Beds.)

Burgyllon, Walter le (1281), GEDNEY (Lincs.)

Burley, Simon de (1384, 1386), the king's kn, under-chamberlain, LYONSHALL (Herefs.), PRESTON BY WINGHAM (Kent)

Burming(e)ham, see Birmingham

BURNELL (Burnel)
Burnel, Hugh (1283), RUSHBURY (Shropshire), WELLINGTON (Shropshire)
Burnell (Burnel), Nicholas (1364), kinsman and heir of Robert Burnel, ACTON BURNELL (Shropshire)
Burnel, Philip (1281, 1292), MALPAS (Cheshire), RUSHBURY (Shropshire)
~, ~, Isabel wife of (1281), MALPAS (Cheshire)
Burnell (Burnel), R(obert) (1269, 1278–9, 1280–5, 1289, 1291), bp of Bath and Wells, chancellor, ACTON BURNELL (Shropshire), AXBRIDGE (Somers.), BATH (Somers.), BIDFORD (Warws.), BISHOPS LYDEARD (Somers.), BOREHAM (Essex), CHARD (Somers.), DOGMERSFIELD (Hants.), HOLDGATE (Shropshire), NANTWICH (Cheshire), PUCKLECHURCH (Glos.), WIVELISCOMBE (Somers.)

Burstowe, John de (1247), BURSTOW (Surrey)

Bussell, Theobald (1281–2), NEWTON BUSHEL (Devon)

Busshel, William (1309), NEWTON BUSHEL (Devon)

Bussy, John (1330), HOUGHAM (Lincs.)

BUTETURTE (Botetourt, Butetourt, Buttourt)
Buteturte, Guy (1302), UPTON (Norfolk)
Butetourt, John (1327), NEWPORT PAGNELL (Bucks.)
Buttourt, Dame Katherine (1376), wife of Sir John, MENDLESHAM (Suffolk)
Botetourt, Thomas (d. before 1322), husband of Joan de Somery, NEWPORT PAGNELL (Bucks.)

BUTLER (Boteler, Botiler, Botiller, Botyller, Butiler, Butiller), see also Ormond
Boteler family (1410), BEAUDESERT (Warws.), HENLEY IN ARDEN (Warws.)
Butiller, Edmund le (1309), SHERE (Surrey)
Butiler, Nicholas le (1253), UPTON (Norfolk)
Boteler, Sir Ralph (1449), HENLEY IN ARDEN (Warws.)
Botyller, Robert le (1257), LAYTON (Lancs.)
Botiller, Thomas le (1309), BASILDON (Berks.)
Botyller, William le (1255), WARRINGTON (Lancs.)
Botiler (Botiller), William le (1277, 1285, 1292) of Werington, LAYTON (Lancs.), WARRINGTON (Lancs.)
Botiller, William le (1318) of Wemme, NARBOROUGH (Leics.)

Bygod, see Bigod

Bynaynes, Isabel daughter of William de (1269), WHITE RODING (Essex)

Byngham, Richard de (1387), BINGHAM (Notts.)
~, ~, Alice late the wife of (1314, 1329), BINGHAM (Notts.)
Byngham, William son of Richard de (1314, 1329), BINGHAM (Notts.)

Byrun, John son of John (1292), STAINTON (Lancs.)
~, ~, Ales wife of John son of John (1292) granddaughter of Robert Banastr, STAINTON (Lancs.)

Byskelye, William de (1310), SAXMUNDHAM (Suffolk)


CARDURCIS (Chaurces, Chauworth, Chaworth(e), Chawrth, Chawurth)
Chaurces, Patrick de (1243), KEMPSFORD (Glos.)
Cadurcis, Patrick de (1281–2), HOLSWORTHY (Devon)
Cadurcis (Chaworth, Chawrth), Payn de (1267–8, 1278), ALDERTON (Nhants.), KEMPSFORD (Glos.), KIDWELLY/CYDWELI (Wales)
Chaworthe (Chawurth), Thomas de (1252, 1257), ALFRETON (Derbys.), HIGH MARNHAM (Notts.)
Chaworth (Chauworth), Thomas de (1329, 1330), grandson of Thomas de (1252, 1257), ALFRETON (Derbys.), HIGH MARNHAM (Notts.)
Chaworth, Thomas (1446), HIGH MARNHAM (Notts.)

Caldecotes (Caldicote), Henry de (1270, 1274–5), BELTON (Suffolk)

Caltoft (Caletoft), Philip de (1327), EAST BRIDGFORD (Notts.)

Cambridge, earl of, see Langley

Camera, Stephen de (1203), BRIGG (Lincs.)
~, ~, Desiderata daughter of (1203), wife of Hugh de Neville, BRIGG (Lincs.)

CAMOYS (Cammoys, Kameys)
Camoys, John (1326), son of Ralph and Elizabeth, ROGATE (Sussex)
Camoys (Kameys), Ralph de (1254, 1264), the younger, ORWELL (Cambs.), TORPEL (Nhants.)
Cammoys, Ralph de (1312), BROADWATER (Sussex)
Camoys, Ralph de (1326), ROGATE (Sussex)
~, ~, Elizabeth wife of (1326), ROGATE (Sussex)
Cammoys, Thomas (1375), kinsman and heir of Ralph de Cammoys, BROADWATER (Sussex)

Campania, John de (1303), NEWNHAM (Kent)

Camull, Robert de (1227x72, 1279), EDENBRIDGE (Kent)

CAMVILLE (Camvill, Canvill, Caunvlle, Kaunvill)
Camville family, STONEY MIDDLETON (Oxon.)
Camville, Gerard de (1201), STONEY MIDDLETON (Oxon.)
Caunvlle, Geoffrey de (1281–2), HOLSWORTHY (Devon)
Canvill, Maud de (1189), HOO ST WERBURGH (Kent)
Camvill, Roger de (1230), LILBOURNE (Nhants.), WESTERHAM (Kent)
~, ~, Matilda daughter and heir of (1230), WESTERHAM (Kent)
Camvill (Kaunvill), Thomas de (1227, 1230), BRASTED (Kent), FOBBING (Essex), WESTERHAM (Kent)

Cantilupe family, SNITTERFIELD (Warws.)
Cantilupo, John de (1257), SNITTERFIELD (Warws.)
Cantilupo, Nicholas de (1330) (Great-great-great grandson of Hugh son of Ralph [fitzRalph] (1252), ILKESTON (Derbys.)
(Cantilupe), Walter de (1239), bp of Worcester (1239), ALVECHURCH (Worcs.), BLOCKLEY (Glos.), STRATFORD UPON AVON (Warws.)
Cantelupe (Cantilup(e)), William de (1227, 1231–2, 1242, 1245), ASTON CANTLOW (Warws.), BARWICK (Somers.), BEAUDESERT (Warws.), BROMSGROVE (Worcs.), DARTMOUTH (Devon), STAFFORD (Staffs.), TOTNES (Devon)

Capella, Henry de (1227), DENHAM (Bucks.)
Capella, Richard de (1121), bp of Hereford, HEREFORD (Herefs.)

CARDINAN (Kardinan)
Cardinan family, LOSTWITHIEL (Cornwall)
Kardinan, Andrew de (1234), SUMMERCOURT (Cornwall)
Cardinan, Robert de (1195), lord of Bodardell, LOSTWITHIEL (Cornwall)
Cardinan, Robert de (1224), LOSTWITHIEL (Cornwall)
~, ~, Emma wife of (1234), SUMMERCOURT (Cornwall)

Careswell (Kareswell), William (de) (1347), kinsman and heir of John de Ercalewe, CRESSWELL (Staffs.), HIGH ERCALL (Shropshire)

Carrigg, Matilda de (1292), heir of Helewis de Balliolo, KIRKLINTON (Cumberland)

Castelyn [?Gastelyn], John (1330), GASTLINGS (Beds.); see also Gacelyn

Castile, Eleanor of, see under England, queens of, Eleanor

Cauntelo, Fulk de (c.1199), CALNE (Wilts.)
Cauntelou, William de (d.1254), grandfather of William la Zouche, CALNE (Wilts.)

Caux family (1212), FENNY STRATFORD (Bucks.)
Caux, Roger de (1204), FENNY STRATFORD (Bucks.)

Caylly, Thomas de (1308), NEW BUCKENHAM (Norfolk)

Cern, Robert de (1230), late rector of the ch of Alta Angr', HIGH ONGAR (Essex)

Chaggeford, Hugh de (1220), CHAGFORD (Devon)

Charles, Edward (1305), MILTON (Nhants.), BILLINGFORD (Norfolk)
Charles, Thomas (1270, 1274–5), CROXTON (Norfolk), MAYTON (Norfolk), RINGSHALL (Suffolk)
Charles, William (1265, 1292), BRIGNALL (Yorks.), CLIFFE (Yorks.), GRAYINGHAM (Lincs.), KETTLEBURGH (Suffolk), LODDON (Norfolk), SISLAND (Norfolk)
Charles, William (1292), KETTLEBURGH (Suffolk)

Charneles, Matthew de (1263), ODSTONE (Leics.)

Charpenvill, see Jarpenville

Charrun, Guichard de (1308), the younger, SUTTON ON TRENT (Notts.)
~, ~, Joan daughter of, SUTTON ON TRENT (Notts.)

Chaucumbe, John de (1318), MILTON (Hants.)
~, ~, Cecily wife of (1318), MILTON (Hants.)
Chaucumbe, Thomas de (1304), MILTON (Hants.)

CHAUMBERNOUN (Chambernoun, Chaumbernun)
Chaumbernun, Henry de (1272, 1279), ILFRACOMBE (Devon)
Chaumbernoun, Richard (1319), INSWORKE (Cornwall)
Chambernoun, William (1302), WEEK ST MARY (Cornwall)
~, ~, Walter steward of (1302), WEEK ST MARY (Cornwall)

Chaumpvent, John de (1303), WEPHAM (Sussex)

Chaundos, Robert de (f. of Roger de Chaundos), FOWNHOPE (Herefs.)
Chaundos, Roger de (1221), son and heir of Robert de Chaundos, FOWNHOPE (Herefs.)

Chauntmerle, William (1344), DALWOOD (Devon)

Chauvent, Peter de (1301), IMPINGTON (Cambs.)

Chauworth, Chaworth(e), Chawrth, Chawurth, see Cardurcis

Chedyok, Katherine (1460), lady Chedyok, WESTBURY (Wilts.)

Cherdestok, Edward de (1374), clerk, CULWORTH (Nhants.)

Cherleton, John de (d. c.1375), of Powys, kn, LLANIDLOES (Wales), MACHYNLLETH (Wales), WELSHPOOL/Y TRALLWNG (Wales)

[Chesney] (Kaisneto), Robert (de) (1155x58, 1161), bp of Lincoln, BANBURY (Oxon.), LOUTH (Lincs.), NEWARK (Notts.)

CHESTER, see also Avranches; England, kings of, Edward II, Edward III; Gundevill; Lacy; R constable of Chester; Scot
Chester, earl of, COVENTRY (Warws.), NEWCASTLE UNDER LYME (Staffs.), OLD BOLINGBROKE (Lincs.), RHUDDLAN (Wales)
Chester, Earl Hugh of (1093), CHESTER (Cheshire)
Chester, Hugh, earl of (1348), COVENTRY (Warws.)
Chester, John constable of (1223), SNAITH (Yorks.)
Chester, earl Ranulph I of (1120–9), CHESTER (Cheshire)
Chester, R(anulph) earl of (1181–1232), and earl of Lincoln, CHALTON (Hants.), CHARTLEY (Staffs.), CHIPPING CAMPDEN (Glos.), COVENTRY (Warws.), HOLYWELL/TREFFYNNON (Wales), LEEK (Staffs.), NAVENBY (Lincs.), ODELL (Beds.), OLNEY (Bucks.), WAINFLEET (Lincs.)
Chester, Richard of (1199x1216), BURTON UPON STATHER (Lincs.)

Chesthunte, Walter de (1342), RAINHAM (Essex)

Chetewynd, John (1318), CHETWYND (Shropshire)

Chevre, Hamo (1267), TITTLESHALL (Norfolk)

Cheyne, William (d. <1430), WESTBURY (Wilts.)
~, ~, Cecily late wife of (1421, d. 1430–1), mother of Ann wife of Sir John Willoughby, WESTBURY (Wilts.)

Chishull, Master John de (1270), provost of Beverley, LEVEN (Yorks.)

Chisuldene, Richard de (1343), HOLCOMBE ROGUS (Devon)

Cirencester, Thomas of (1227), ROCKINGHAM (Nhants.)

Clanevowe, John de (1354), MICHAELCHURCH-ON- ARROW (Wales)

CLARE, see also Burgh
Clare, earl of, ROTHWELL (Nhants.)
Clare family, BLETCHINGLY (Surrey), GREAT MARLOW (Bucks.), PETERSFIELD (Hants.), STANDON (Herts.)
Clare, Bogo de (1291), treasurer of St Peter's York, TOLLERTON (Yorks.)
Clare, Gilbert de (1110), earl of Pembroke, HAVERFORDWEST/HWLFFORDD (Wales)
Clare, [Gilbert de] (1224), earl of Gloucester, GREAT BARDFIELD (Essex)
Clare, Gilbert de (1264–1293, d. 1295), earl of Gloucester and Hertford, BLETCHINGLY (Surrey), BRASTED (Kent), BRENCHLEY (Kent), CAERLEON/CAERLLION (Wales), CHIPSTEAD (Surrey), CLARE (Suffolk), COWBRIDGE/Y BONT-FAEN (Wales), FAIRFORD (Glos.), KENFIG (Wales), NEATH/CASTELL-NEDD (Wales), ROTHWELL (Nhants.), TEWKESBURY (Glos.), THAXTED (Essex), THORNBURY (Glos.), TONBRIDGE (Kent), TRELLECH (Wales), WOODHALL (Suffolk)
~, ~, Johanna wife of (1293), BRASTED (Kent)
Clare, Gilbert (1298–1312, d. 1314), earl of Gloucester and Hertford, son of Gilbert, the king's nephew, BOTTISHAM (Cambs.), CAERPHILLY/CAERFFILI (Wales), GREAT MARLOW (Bucks.), LLANTRISANT (Wales), TARRANT GUNVILLE (Dorset)
~, ~, Joan wife of (1307), GREAT MARLOW (Bucks.)
Clare, Isabel de (before 1274), wife of Wm de Ferrers, earl of Derby, LUTON (Beds.)
Clare, Matilda de (1279), countess of Gloucester and Hertford, MANNINGTREE (Essex)
Clare, Richard de (1150), COWBRIDGE/Y BONT- FAEN (Wales)
Clare, Richard de (1204), earl of Clare, ROTHWELL (Nhants.)
Clare (Clar'), Richard de (1235, d. 1262), earl of Gloucester, father of Gilbert (d. 1295), CHIPSTEAD (Surrey), CLARE (Suffolk), LONG MELFORD (Suffolk), WANTFORD (Suffolk)
Clare (Clara), William de (1252, 1255, 1257), LITTLE WALSINGHAM (Norfolk), PETERSFIELD (Hants.)

Clarel, Master John (1256), Ca of the prebend of Nortwell, NORWELL (Notts.)

Clarence, Lionel duke of (1354, 1360, 1367), the king's son, BRIMPSFIELD (Glos.), BUNTINGFORD (Herts.), STANDON (Herts.), see also Lancaster

CLAVERING (Claveryng)
Clavering, Alexander de (1295), LYNG (Norfolk)
Claveryng, John de (1323–4), AYNHO (Nhants.), BLYTHBURGH (Suffolk)

Clement, Geoffrey (1292), LLANGEITHO (Wales), TREGARON (Wales)

CLEVEDON (Clyvedon)
Clyvedon, Edmund de (1346), CLEVEDON (Somers.)
Clevedon, Elizabeth of (1361), lady of Cricket manor, WHITE DOWN (Somers.)

CLIFFORD (Clifforde)
Clifforde, Hugh de (1254), de Frampton, FRAMPTON UPON SEVERN (Glos.)
Clifford, Maud (1403), widow of Roger, HARTLEPOOL (Co. Durham)
Clifford, Robert de (1223), TENBURY (Worcs.)
Clifford, Robert de (1310), SEVERN STOKE (Worcs.)
Clifford, Roger de (1330, 1353), BROUGH (Westmorland), KIRKBY STEPHEN (Westmorland)
Clifford, Walter de (1261), CLIFFORD (Herefs.), FINDON (Sussex)

Clifton, Adam de (1347), HILBOROUGH (Norfolk)

Clyderhou (Cliderhou), Robert de (1314, 1329), king's clerk, parson of ch of Wigan, WIGAN (Lancs.)

CLYNTON (Clinton)
Clinton, John de (1285), COLESHILL (Warws.)
Clynton, John de (1390), lord of Folkestone, FOLKESTONE (Kent)
Clinton, Osbert de (1207), COLESHILL (Warws.)
Clinton, Osbert (1315), YATTENDON (Berks.)
Clynton (Clinton), William de (1330, 1332, 1339, 1348), earl of Huntingdon, ASHFORD (Kent), ELHAM (Kent), REPTON (Derbys.), SUTTON (Norfolk), TOWCESTER (Nhants.), WORSTEAD (Norfolk)
~, ~, Juliana (Julia) wife of (1330, 1339, 1348), daughter of Thomas Leyburn, former wife of John de Hastings, ASHFORD (Kent), ELHAM (Kent), REPTON (Derbys.), SUTTON (Norfolk), TOWCESTER (Nhants.), WORSTEAD (Norfolk)

Clyvedon, see Clevedon

Cobeham, Henry de (1286), GROOMBRIDGE (Kent)
~, ~, Joan wife of (1286), GROOMBRIDGE (Kent)
Cobeham, John de (1367), COBHAM (Kent)

Cobbethorn, Richard (1400), mayor of Launceston, LAUNCESTON (Cornwall)

Cokefeud, Robert de (1283), FELTWELL (Norfolk)
Cockefeuld, Simon de (1231), FILEY (Yorks.)
~, ~, Isabella wife of (1231), FILEY (Yorks.)

COGAN (Kogan)
Cogan, John (1267), BAMPTON (Devon), UFFCULME (Devon)
Cogan, John de (1302), BAMPTON (Devon), HUNTSPILL (Somers.)
Cogan, Richard (1361), WHITE DOWN (Somers.)
Kogan, Richard de (1321), BAMPTON (Devon)

Coleby, Henry de (1321), INGWORTH (Norfolk)

Colembb’, Roger de (1281), see under Colville

Colewrd, Richard de (1264), CULWORTH (Nhants.)

Columbariis, John de (1304), NETHER STOWEY (Somers.)
Columbariis, Matthew de (1271), LOCKERLEY (Hants.)

COLVILLE (Coleville, Colevyle, Colvill)
Colvill family, COXWOLD (Yorks.)
Colevyle, Gilbert son of William de (1259), CARSHALTON (Surrey)
Coleville, Robert de (1346), CASTLE BYTHAM (Lincs.)
Colembb’(probably a misreading of Colevill’), Roger de (1281), CASTLE BYTHAM (Lincs.)
Colville (Colvill), Roger (Rog') de (1267, 1275, 1295), CARLTON COLVILLE (Suffolk)
Coleville, Thomas de (1304), COXWOLD (Yorks.)
Colvill, Thomas de (1392), COXWOLD (Yorks.)

Colyns, Launcelot (1291), treasurer of St Peter's York, TOLLERTON (Yorks.)

COMYN (Cumin)
Cumin family, NEWBROUGH (Northumb.)
Comyn, John (1292), earl of Boghan [Buchan], WHITWICK (Leics.)
Cumin, William (1221), earl of Buchan justice of Scotland, NEWBROUGH (Northumb.)

CONSTABLE (Conestable)
Constable family (of Flamborough), HOLME ON SPALDING MOOR (Yorks.)
Conestable, William le (1301), HOLME ON SPALDING MOOR (Yorks.)

Controne, Pancius de (1330), the king's leech, GUITING POWER (Glos.)

Corbet family, CAUS (Shropshire)
Corbet, Peter (1292), SHELVE (Shropshire), WORTHEN (Shropshire)
Corbet, Robert (1200), CAUS (Shropshire)
Corbet, Robert (1272), of Watlesburg, WATTLESBOROUGH (Shropshire)
Corbet, Thomas (1248), CAUS (Shropshire)
Corbet, Thomas (1261, 1270), SHELVE (Shropshire), WORTHEN (Shropshire)

Cormailles, John de (1304), EAST HEMSWORTH (Dorset), THRUXTON (Hants.)

[Cornhill], W[illiam] (1221), bp of Coventry, BREWOOD (Staffs.), ECCLESHALL (Staffs.)

CORNWALL (Cornubia), see also Eltham; Gaveston
Cornwall, earl of, GRAMPOUND (Cornwall)
Cornwall, earls of, CHICHESTER (Sussex)
Cornwall, Edmund earl of (1279, 1281, 1284–5, 1288, 1290, 1293, 1296–7, d. by 1300), son of Richard king of Germany (Almain), BOROUGHBRIDGE (Yorks.), BRADNINCH (Devon), CHICHESTER (Sussex), CORSHAM (Wilts.), GOLDSITHNEY (Cornwall), HOLME (Hunts.), HOWDEN (Yorks.), KIRTON IN LINDSEY (Lincs.), KNARESBOROUGH (Yorks.), LAUNCESTON (Cornwall), LYDFORD (Devon), MERE (Wilts.), NEWPORT (Essex), ROCKINGHAM (Nhants.)
Cornubia, Geoffrey de (1334), STAPLETON (Herefs.)
Cornwall, Sir John (1441), lord of Steyning, STEYNING (Sussex)
Cornwall, Reginald earl of (1155–65), son of K Hen I, LAUNCESTON (Cornwall)
Cornwall, Richard earl of (1227–68, d. 1272), count of Poitou, king of the Romans, king of Germany (Almain), brother of K Hen III, father of Edmund earl of Cornwall, BEACONSFIELD (Bucks.), BERKHAMSTED (Herts.), BURNHAM (Bucks.), CAMELFORD (Cornwall), CHICHESTER (Sussex), GOLDSITHNEY (Cornwall), ILCHESTER (Somers.), ISLEWORTH (Middx.), KIRTON IN LINDSEY (Lincs.), LAUNCESTON (Cornwall), LOSTWITHIEL (Cornwall), LYDFORD (Devon), MORTON UPON TRENT (Notts.), NEWPORT (Essex), OAKHAM (Rutl.), PETERSFIELD (Hants.), ROCKINGHAM (Nhants.), ST MICHAEL's MOUNT (Cornwall), THORNBURY (Glos.), TINTAGEL (Cornwall), WATLINGTON (Oxon.), WEST LOOE (Cornwall)
~, ~, Isabel wife of (1232), countess of Gloucester, PETERSFIELD (Hants.)
~, ~, Sanchia wife of (1252), daughter of count of Provence, OAKHAM (Rutl.)

Corry, Walter de (1292), heir of Helewis de Balliolo, KIRKLINTON (Cumberland)

Cotelye, Elias de (1335), SAMPFORD PEVEREL (Devon)

Cotes, Dunc' de (1281), MARKET STAINTON (Lincs.)

Coudray (Codray, Coldrai), Robert de (1219, 1224), NORTH MEOLS (Lancs.)

Count, see fitz Count

COURTENAY (Courtney, Curtenay)
Curtenay, Hugh de (1280–2, 1292, 1300), CHULMLEIGH (Devon), COLYTON (Devon), CREWKERNE (Somers.), KENNFORD (Devon), NEWTON POPPLEFORD (Devon), OKEHAMPTON (Devon), TOPSHAM (Devon)
Curtenay (Courtenay), Hugh (1334), the younger, MORETONHAMPSTEAD (Devon)
Courtenay (Curtenay), John de (1254, 1261, 1263, 1274), CHAWLEIGH (Devon), CREWKERNE (Somers.), FAULKLAND (Somers.), IWERNE COURTNEY (Dorset), NEWTON POPPLEFORD (Devon)
Curtenay, Robert de (1221), OKEHAMPTON (Devon)
[Courtney], William (1394), archbp of Canterbury, CRAYFORD (Kent), MAYFIELD (Sussex)

Coutances, John de (1196), bp of Worcester, STRATFORD UPON AVON (Warws.)
Coutances, Walter de (1184), bp of Lincoln, THAME (Oxon.)

Cove, John de (1298, 1310), COVEHITHE (Suffolk)

Cranhous, John (1384), GREAT MASSINGHAM (Norfolk)

Crassus, William (1218), the elder, kn, CHIPPING SODBURY (Glos.)

Craucumb(e), Godfrey de (1227, 1229, 1231–2), BEER CROWCOMBE (Somers.), CORSLEY (Wilts.), CROWCOMBE (Somers.), MILTON (Cambs.)

Craystock, John (1285), son of William son of Thomas de Craystock, MORPETH (Northumb.)
Craystok, John de (1292–3) (son of Thomas Craystock), ancestor of Roger de Merlay, GREYSTOKE (Cumberland), MORPETH (Northumb.)
Craystock, Thomas (1245), son of William, GREYSTOKE (Cumberland)
Craystock, William de (1285), son of Thomas, MORPETH (Northumb.)
~, ~, Mary late the wife of (1285), MORPETH (Northumb.)

Crek, John de (1280), NORTH CREAKE (Norfolk)

Cressi, William de (1290), SURFLEET (Lincs.)

CREVEQUER (Creuecuer)
Creuecuer, Emma de (1198), LAMBERHURST (Kent)
Crevequer, Hamo de (1217–33, d. 1263), BRENCHLEY (Kent)
Crevequer, Robert de (1263, 1279, 1285), grandson of Hamo de Crevequer, BRENCHLEY (Kent), CHATHAM (Kent), OVERTON/OWRTYN (Wales)

Criketoft, William de (1254), OUSDEN (Suffolk)

CRIOLL (Criel, Crioil, Cryol,Cryoll, Kirioll)
Crioil, Bertram de (1220–1), SARRE (Kent)
Crioll (Cryol), Bertram de (1247, 1252), CATTAWADE (Suffolk), CHIPPING (Herts.)
Crioll (Kirioll), Bertram de (1279), GREAT MONGEHAM (Kent)
Cryoll, Nicholas de (1246), CROXTON KERRIAL (Leics.)
Criel, Nicholas de (1312), EYNSFORD (Kent)
Cryol, Simon de (1243), ASHFORD (Kent)
~, ~, Maud (Matilda) wife of (1243), later married Roger de Rolling, ASHFORD (Kent)

Crokesley, see Richard

Cromwell, Richard (1537), ROYSTON (Herts.)

Crumbewell, John de (1328), CARLTON ON TRENT (Notts.)

Crupes, Richard de (1257), WHITTINGTON (Glos.)

Cuble, Richard (1222), CLIFTON (Derbys.)

Culewenn, Thomas de (1292), son of Gilbert de Wirkinton, SEATON (Cumberland)

Cumin, see Comyn

Cunstable, Simon le (1281), GEDNEY (Lincs.)

Cunte, Ranulph de (le) (1251), GRIMSTON (Norfolk)
~, ~, Joan wife of (1251), GRIMSTON (Norfolk)

CURZON (Curzoun)
Curzoun, Roger de (1318), BARNINGHAM WINTER (Norfolk)
Curzon, Thomas de (1330), heir of Roger Brabazon, SIBBERTOFT (Nhants.)

Cusance family, HILMARTON (Wilts.)
Cusance, Peter (d. after 1380), HILMARTON (Wilts.)


D'Aubigny, see d'AUBIGNY

Dacre, Edmund de (1309), ROTHERHAM (Yorks.)
Dacre, Ranulph de (1278), ORTON (Westmorland)
Dacre, William de (1333), parson of the ch of Prestescote, PRESCOT (Lancs.)

DAGGWORTH (Daggewurthe)
Daggworth family (1308), BRADWELL (Essex)
Daggewurthe, Osbert de (1254), BRADWELL (Essex)

Dalderby, John (1302), bp of Lincoln, HADDENHAM (Bucks.), THAME (Oxon.)

DALYNGREGG (Dalingridge)
Dalyngregg (Dalingridge), Edward (1383), kn, BODIAM (Sussex)
~, ~, Elizabeth wife of (1383), BODIAM (Sussex)

Damory, Richard (1318), UBLEY (Somers.)

Dapifer, Eudo (1104), COLCHESTER (Essex)

DARCY (de Arcy)
Darcy, John (1330, 1337), 'le cosyn', steward of the king's household, KNAITH (Lincs.), TORKSEY (Lincs.)
Darcy, John (1345), the father, TORKSEY (Lincs.)
Darcy (Arcy), Norman (1281), NOCTON (Lincs.)
Darcy (Arcy), Philip (1257), NOCTON (Lincs.)
Darcy, Robert (1309, 1331), LEATHERHEAD (Surrey)

Daudele, see Audley

Dauney, John (1324), WEST LOOE (Cornwall)
~, ~, Sibyl wife of (1324), heir of Odo de Treverbyn, WEST LOOE (Cornwall)
Dauney, Nicholas (1314), SHEVIOCK (Cornwall)

Daventre, John (1384), sometime rector of Brom, GREAT MASSINGHAM (Norfolk)

David, Evan ap Thwelin ap (1335), LLANDRILLO YN RHOS (Wales)
David (1466), A of the monastery of St Mary Clive [Cleve abbey], OLD CLEEVE (Somers.)
David, see also fitz David

Dawbeney, see d'Aubigny

DAYVILL (Daivill(e), Deyuill, Eyvill(e))
Daivill, John (1220), ADLINGFLEET (Yorks.)
Eyvill, John de (1260), ADLINGFLEET (Yorks.)
Dayvill, Peter (1314), SOUTH CAVE (Yorks.)
Daiville, Roger de (1184), SOUTH CAVE (Yorks.)
Eyville, Roger de (1253), SOUTH CAVE (Yorks.)
Deyuill, Thomas (1326), LEEDS (Yorks.)

Deaur, Walter (1294x1306), A of Vale Royal, OVER (Cheshire)

Deheubarth, princes of, DINEFWR (Wales)

Dene, William de (before 1328), MITCHELDEAN (Glos.); for his daughter, see Esger, John, Joan wife of

Derby, earl of, see Clare; England, kings of, Henry IV; Ferrers
Derby, countess of, see Ferrers

Derlegh, Robert de (1270), WYSALL (Notts.)

Derwentewatere (Derewenwatre), Thomas de (1276, 1292), KESWICK (Cumberland)

DESPENSER (Dispenser)
Despenser, Adam le (1253), son of Thurstan le Despenser, GREAT ROLLRIGHT (Oxon.), KING'S STANLEY (Glos.), OLDBERROW (Warws.)
Despenser, Edward le (1359, 1360, 1373, 1375, d. c.1376), kn, lord, ABERAVON/ABERAFAN (Wales), BURFORD (Oxon.), CHIPPING SODBURY (Glos.), FAIRFORD (Glos.), GREAT MARLOW (Bucks.), KENFIG (Wales), NEATH/CASTELL-NEDD (Wales), ROTHERFIELD (Sussex)
Despenser, Eleanor wife of Hugh (1314), sister and co-heir of Gilbert de Clare, GREAT MARLOW (Bucks.)
Despenser (Dispenser), Hugh (1221, 1229), LOUGHBOROUGH (Leics.)
Despenser, Hugh le (1292, 1298, 1307, 1324), earl of Winchester, ABERFORD (Yorks.), ARNESBY (Leics.), UPAVON (Wilts.)
Despenser, Hugh le (1314, 1323–4), the younger, son of Hugh earl of Winchester, GREAT MARLOW (Bucks.), GREETHAM (Lincs.), HAMBLEDEN (Bucks.), TEWKESBURY (Glos.)
Despenser, Hugh (1340, 1346), lord, CARDIFF/CAERDYDD (Wales), LLANTRISANT (Wales)
Despenser, Philip le (1391) kn, GREAT LIMBER (Lincs.)
Despenser, Richard le (<1415), UPTON ON SEVERN (Worcs.)
~, ~, Eleanor widow of (1415), UPTON ON SEVERN (Worcs.)
Despenser, Thomas (1397), lord, NEATH/CASTELL-NEDD (Wales)

Deveros, Walter (1378), kn, BODENHAM (Herefs.)

Devon, earl of (1220), HONITON (Devon); see also Insula

Deyncourt, John (1459), kn, WOOBURN (Bucks.)
Deyncourt, Lady (1459), daughter of John, WOOBURN (Bucks.)
Deyncourt, Robert (1361), EAST BRIDGFORD (Notts.)
Deyncourt, William (1329), GRANBY (Notts.)

Dover, Roesia de (1253), married William de Wilton, mother of Isabel wife of Alexander de Balliol, LESSNESS (Kent)

Draycott (Draycote), Richard de (1297), DRAYCOTT IN THE MOORS (Staffs.)

Dreux, John de, see Brittany, John earl of (d. 1305)

Driby, Joan de (1306, 1308, 1315), NEW BUCKENHAM (Norfolk), TATTERSHALL (Lincs.)
Driby, John de (1310), TATTERSHALL (Lincs.)

[Droxford], John (1324), bp of Bath and Wells, RACKLEY (Somers.)

Dudley, Robert (1561), BEVERLEY (Yorks.)
[Dudley], William (1481), bp of Durham, BRADFORD (Yorks.)

Dun, William (1270), SOUTH TIDWORTH (Hants.)

Dunbar, C. countess of (1218), HARTLEPOOL (Co. Durham)
Dunbar, Patrick earl of (1218), HARTLEPOOL (Co. Durham)

Dunstanville family, HEYTESBURY (Wilts.)
Dunstanvill(e), Walter de (1215, 1223, 1227), HEYTESBURY (Wilts.)
Dunstanvill, Walter de (1245), SHIFNAL (Shropshire)

[Durdent], Walter (1149x54), bp of Lichfield, ECCLESHALL (Staffs.)

DYNHAM (Dynam, Dynant)
Dynant, Geoffrey de (1239), BUCKLAND DENHAM (Somers.)
Dynham, John (1393), kinsman and heir of Oliver Dynham and Geoffrey Dynant, BUCKLAND DENHAM (Somers.), HARTLAND (Devon)
Dynham, John lord (1481), BRADFORD (Yorks.)
Dynham (Dynam), Oliver de (1281–2), HARTLAND (Devon), NEWTON POPPLEFORD (Devon)
~, ~, Isabella wife of (1281–2), NEWTON POPPLEFORD (Devon)
Dynham, Robert de (1290), AVETON GIFFORD (Devon)

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